Fliff Social Sportsbook

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Updated: May 15, 2024
Fliff Social Sportsbook


    Legal & Licensed In
    Validated On
    Jul 18, 2024.
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    A free-to-play social sportsbook that brilliantly merges the thrill of sports betting with the legal framework of a social gaming platform. Unlike traditional sportsbooks, Fliff uses an innovative approach to betting, focusing on sweepstakes-style gambling and virtual currency.

    Sounds too good to be true? It actually isn’t – it does not require any purchases at all and welcomes most US residents to join the platform from the comfort of their homes and bet on top sports markets. There are many reasons why Fliff should be your social sportsbook of choice, and here’s why!

    Fliff Sportsbook Info

    Fliff Sportsbook Mobile

    Fliff isn’t just your average Joe sportsbook platform. It’s a free-to-play online social sportsbook with a unique virtual currency, a.k.a Fliff Coin and Fliff Cash, enjoying your sports betting in the most legally compliant way across most states in the US has never been easier. Think of it as a way to enjoy betting but without Uncle Sam’s evil legal constraints breathing down your neck.

    📖Fliff Sportsbook
    📖Platform IdentitySocial sportsbook
    🏛️OwnerFliff Inc.
    📅Established Year2019
    💵Virtual CurrencyFliff Coins and Fliff Cash
    Sign Up Bonus5,000 Fliff Coins + 1.00 Fliff Cash
    📜Promo CodeSWEEPSCASH
    🎁Welcome Bonus100% More - 1M Fliff Coins + 200 Fliff Cash for $99.99
    Betting VarietyFrom main sports to more niche-specific ones
    🖥️Platform AccessDesktop, Android and iOS
    🔞Legal Age18+
    Restricted StatesWashington, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, and Tennessee (Alabama, Georgia, Iowa, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Ohio, and South Carolina excluded from certain promotions)

    How to Join Fliff?

    5,000 Fliff Coins + 1.00 Fliff Cash on Signup

    Here is how to join Fliff, with all the details you need to know.

    1. Download the Fliff mobile app from the Google Play or Apple Store. For a desktop experience, download the Android Emulator through which you can enjoy Fliff.
    2. Choose your sign-up method: Apple, Twitter, Google, or email. Choose what best fits your case.
    3. Enter the state you’re from and use our unique promo code that’ll give you a huge head start!
    4. Next up is verification. Confirm you’re at least 18 years old and agree to the terms and conditions. A pretty standard procedure.
    5. Enjoy your sports betting experience as you explore the ins and outs of Fliff’s social sportsbook.

    Fliff Sign Up Steps

    Is There a Fliff Promo Code?

    Ready to dive into the world of Fliff?! There’s a unique promo code we give to newcomers that’ll give you an enormous head start on this social sweepstake – SWEEPSCASH! Think of it as your starting booster that’ll propel you in the world of social sports betting on Fliff. Don’t forget to enter the promo code in its designated field when making your account.

    Fliff Social Sportsbook

    5,000 FLIFF COINS + 1.00 FLIFF CASH

      Legal & Licensed In
      Validated On
      Jul 18, 2024.
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      Fliff Sign-Up Bonus

      There’s an enticing sign-up bonus that’s sure to kick your adventure into high gear! Fliff newcomers are greeted with open arms and a generous gift of 5,000 Fliff Coins plus an additional 1.00 Fliff Cash. To get it, apply our promo code above to get this unmissable deal!

      Here’s how to use the most of that deal – those 5,000 Fliff Coins I used as a valuable resource to test out as many betting options that Fliff offers as I possibly could. Some gave me better returns than others, but it’s all part of the game. So using that sign-up bonus as your testing runway is the best approach with this social sportsbook – ultimately, you’ve got nothing to lose.

      5,000 Fliff Coins + 1.00 Fliff Cash on Signup

      Fliff Welcome Bonus

      If you thought that was a good deal for a social sports betting casino, wait till you hear what’s next.

      Fliff rolls out the red carpet for you with a dazzling first-purchase bonus that’s really hard to resist. For just $99.99, you’re not just buying into a betting experience – you’re investing in double the fun! This welcome offer also packs a punch with a whopping 1M Fliff Coins and a hefty 200 Fliff Cash.

      It’s a 100% boost, turning your entrance with this social sportsbook into a grand celebration that’s hard to miss!

      Fliff Welcome Bonus

      Other Fliff Promotions

      As with any sweeps play, we’re used to getting tons of promotions from the operators – from daily login bonuses to referral promos, there’s a plethora of available bonuses you can claim to boost your account a bit.

      Here’s what I mean:

      📖Fliff Sportsbook Promotions
      Login BonusWhen your balance hits zero, after the next login, Fliff complimentary gives you Fliff Cash.
      Experience PointsSports picks and daily challenges give you Fliff experience points. Every 100 XP translates into 1.00 Fliff Cash.
      Refer-a-Friend BonusSpread the word about Fliff, and you're immediately rewarded! For every $5 your friends spend, you pocket 100 XP.
      Purchase DiscountsThe $9.99 bundle comes with a sweet 10% extra, offering 55,000 Fliff Coins and 11.00 free Fliff Cash.
      Purchase BonusEvery time you buy Fliff Coins, a free bonus is waiting.
      Social Media CompetitionsFliff's social media competitions offer great prizes and free Fliff cash!
      Postal RequestFliff offers 5 free Fliff Cash through a postal request.

      Available Sports and Betting Options on Fliff

      Some see it as just another social sports betting platform and mobile app, but Fliff is way more than that.

      Think of it as a sports betting playground that caters to both the casual bettor and the seasoned pundit, offering a rich array of choices that satisfy any sporting appetite. The menu looks like this:

      1. Diverse Sports Selection – At the heart of Fliff’s offerings are mainstream sports. It’s your football, basketball, and baseball. Perfect for those who follow the major leagues. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Fliff also extends its cover to tennis, MMA, and even eSports.
      2. Innovative Betting Options – Fliff is not just about picking winners and losers. From point spreads to over/under, Fliff offers a variety of ways to engage with each event.
      3. Live Betting Thrills – For those who love the adrenaline rush – me included – Fliff’s live betting feature is a real treat. You’ll find that placing bets as the action unfolds adds an extra layer of excitement and gives you the rush you need.
      4. Customized Betting Experiences – What I love about Fliff is they understand that every bettor is unique. Whether you’re a risk-taker or prefer playing it safe, Fliff’s platform is designed to cater to every style. The flexibility to customize your betting strategy is why I enjoy this social sweepstakes platform so much.

      Fliff Sportsbook Betting

      Are There Live Betting Features on Fliff?

      Yes! Fliff does offer live betting features. If you’re like me, someone who loves the thrill of in-the-moment action, you’ll feel the pulse of the unfolding game while you place your bets. Unfortunately, Fliff doesn’t offer live streaming like Sportzino social sportsbook does. Nevertheless, it’s perfect for those who trust their instincts and enjoy the adrenaline rush of quick, guns-blazing, tactical social betting.

      Fliff Currencies & Redemption Methods

      Here’s how the clockwork looks: Fliff operates on a dual-currency system tailored to fit its social sportsbook model. This system is designed to keep things exciting yet straightforward for you as a user.

      The important “Wiki” things to know about Fliff are:

      • Fliff Coins
      • Fliff Cash
      • Redemption process

      Fliff Coins are the primary currency you’ll use on Fliff. Think of them as your betting tokens. You earn these coins through various promotions, daily logins, or direct purchases. But there’s a trick – Fliff Coins hold no real-world value. They are just your medium of participating in the platform’s social sports betting options.

      Fliff Coins Redemption

      Fliff Cash is where things get a lot more interesting! Fliff Cash is a secondary currency, which you use in sweepstakes mode. The exciting part? Fliff Cash could be redeemed for real money. Fliff Cash goes from virtual currency into real green Benjamins in your pocket once you accumulate the minimum redeemable sum, which is $50.

      You earn Fliff Cash through promotions, referral bonuses, or as a complimentary bonus when buying Fliff Coins.

      Cashing out with Fliff is a clear-cut process. No fluff, no buff, no BS! Once you’ve accumulated enough Fliff Cash, not Fliff Coins, you’re free to redeem it for real money. You’ll quickly find out is they made the exchange process extremely straightforward – usually, it’s $1 for every 1 Fliff Cash, though this might vary slightly by 0.0-something.

      Who Can Join Fliff?

      Fliff seems all peaches and cream, but let’s talk specific, and I mean legal specifics.

      You see, you’ve got to be at least 18 years old. This is a standard legal requirement across most platforms that involve social sports betting or sweepstakes.

      Fliff is legal in a majority of US states, but not all. If you’re from Washington, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, and Tennessee, you won’t be able to join at all, while bettors from Alabama, Georgia, Iowa, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Ohio, and South Carolina, cannot take advantage of Fliff promotions like the purchase package ones and mail-in bonuses, but can join the platform itself. This is due to each state’s specific belt-tightening regulations on social sweepstakes and online sports betting.

      But if you’re from the rest of the US, once you thick the age and personal info boxes, you’re good to go.

      Can I Join Fliff on Mobile?

      Absolutely, joining Fliff on mobile is not only possible but also incredibly user-friendly and fun! When I’m on the go and not internet-blooming the Fliff via the desktop, I use the Fliff mobile app version. The mobile app will make you feel like you’re on top of your social sports betting game.

      It’s sleek, intuitive, and designed to bring the entire social sportsbook experience right to your fingertips.

      How to Contact Fliff Customer Support?

      The only way to reach out to Fliff’s customer support is through their old-fashioned Customer Form. It feels outdated, and sometimes it’s a real pain, especially when you need immediate info. Moments where you wish you had a live chatbot or a number to call will be filled with your stare of desperation at that contact form.

      Another way of reaching Fliff’s customer support is through Fliff’s Instagram page, Fliff’s Support Twitter page, or by sending an email to support@getfliff.com.

      Despite using old-fashioned ways, Fliff’s customer support is actually quite quick on their toes! After a question about my Fliff Cash conversion, they sent a response within half an hour to my email. Plus, they are online 7 days a week, which is something that needs appreciation.

      Pros & Cons of Playing on Fliff

      Completely legal in the USNo live customer support
      Variety of sports and betsLacks betting options depth
      Innovative Currency System
      Downloadable apps
      Wide range of promotions and bonuses

      Our Verdict on Fliff

      It’s a far cry to get the social sweepstakes and sportsbooks available in all of the US states, but there’s certainly something to be done about that contact form.

      Other than that, Fliff is a solid choice for those dipping their toes into the world of sports betting. It’s extremely fun, it speaks to my geeky lizard brain that needs that sleek UI, and its free-to-play approach just works.

      Don’t take my word for it. See the excellent reviews for yourself!

      Fliff Sportsbook Reviews

      Don’t forget to use that sweet, sweet promo code – SWEEPSCASH, and get the best experience Fliff offers!

      5,000 Fliff Coins + 1.00 Fliff Cash on Signup

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      5,000 Fliff Coins + 1.00 Fliff Cash