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Updated: March 19, 2024

Best Sweepstakes Sportsbooks

Sweepstakes sportsbooks allow you to test your knowledge and bet on sports without having to risk any of your money. With sweepstakes sportsbooks, you can easily spice things up and either bet on your favorite teams or bet on fantasy sports and participate in fantasy leagues.

Not only that, but you can claim various sweepstakes sportsbook promotions, compete against your friends in leaderboards, and bet on a wide range of betting markets. And don’t worry about legality even for a second — sweepstakes sportsbooks are perfectly legal and available in virtually every state in the country.

Got your attention? Then let’s take a deep dive into the world of sweepstakes sportsbooks and give you a reason or two to try them out for yourself.

How Do Sweepstakes Sportsbooks Work?

Sweepstakes sportsbooks aren’t all that different from traditional real-money gambling sites. In fact, that’s the only major difference between the two — traditional sportsbooks allow you to bet on teams using real money, whereas you can bet on sports using virtual currency at sweepstakes sportsbooks.

Sweepstake Sportsbook Mobile

Sweepstakes sportsbooks usually have two virtual currencies. One is reserved for the free-play mode, and the other is reserved for promotional play. Let’s take Fliff as an example, which offers Fliff Coins and Fliff Cash.

Fliff Coins are a common currency, and you’ll get plenty of them through bonuses, promotions, challenges, and gameplay. If you run out of Fliff Coins, you can even buy them, though this is entirely optional.

You can use Fliff Coins to make wagers at all sports markets available at Fliff, the same way you would use real money at a traditional sportsbook. If you win, you’ll get extra Fliff Coins, which you can then use to make even more bets. Fliff Coins are for free play mode only, which means you cannot exchange them for real cash prizes.

Fliff Cash is much rarer than Fliff Coins and you can redeem Fliff Cash for real money prizes. As is the case with Fliff Coins, you will get Fliff Cash through bonuses and promotions and through winning bets. However, keep in mind that you cannot directly buy Fliff Cash for real money.

Top Sweepstakes Sportsbook Promotions

📖Sportsbook✍️Sign Up Offer🎁Other Promotions
Fliff5,000 Fliff Coins + 1 Fliff CashLogin Bonus, Refer-a-Friend Bonus, Mail-In Request, Daily Challenges, Purchase Discounts, Purchase Bonus, Social Media Competitions
Up to 1,000 sweeps coins worth $10Up to 140,000,000 GC + 6 SC Welcome Bonus, Up to 2,000,000 GC + 30 SC Refer-a-Friend Bonus, 20,000 GC + 1 SC Daily Login Bonus, etc.
Betr200% Match up to $500Refer-a-Friend Bonus, Deposit Match, Surged Lineups, Monday Double Up, Midweek Mulligan
ParlayPlay$5 Free EntryRefer-a-Friend Bonus, Payout Boost, Deposit Match
b SpotNot AvailableFreeplay Bonus, Cashback, Tournaments, Lucky Draws
Thrillz3,000 Thrillzz Coins and 3 Thrillz Sweeps
First purchase bonus, daily login, referral, mail-in

How to Join Sweepstakes Sportsbook Promotions

5,000 Fliff Coins + 1.00 Fliff Cash on Signup

Joining a sweepstakes sportsbook promotion is relatively easy, and it’ll take you a few minutes at most before you’re ready to place your first bet.

First things first, you’ll have to find a sweepstakes sportsbook you like. Even though they operate under the same model, each of these sportsbooks is unique in its own way.

For example, Fliff is an excellent choice if you prefer betting on traditional betting markets. On the other hand, OwnersBox and Betr are great for punters who like fantasy sports, whereas b spot is a go-to choice for horse betting.

After that, all you have to do is register and create an account, and you’ll be able to immediately take advantage of various bonuses and promotions the sportsbook has to offer, starting with the sign up bonus.

Types of Sweepstakes Sportsbook Promotions

Sweepstakes sportsbooks have a ton of different welcome bonuses. Some of the bonuses are reserved for new players, while others are there to reward existing customers. Overall, there are quite a few different sportsbook bonuses you can claim.

Ownersbox Sportsbook Promotion

  • Sign up bonuses are reserved for new players. To claim sign up bonus, all you have to do is create and verify your account.
  • Daily login bonuses allow you to claim extra coins by simply visiting every next day and claiming the daily bonus.
  • Referral bonuses let you win extra coins for bonus bets by referring a friend to the sportsbooks. Once they use your unique link to register with the sportsbook and make a qualifying purchase, your account will be automatically credited with the bonus amount.
  • Mail-in request bonuses allow you to win bonus coins by sending a handwritten postcard to the sportsbook. The sportsbook will process one request at a time, but there is no limit to how many times you can claim this type of bonus.
  • Social media promotions are a great way to keep up to date with the latest promotions and win some bonus bets in return. Sweepstakes sportsbooks are often active on their socials, so make sure to drop them a follow and participate in available events.

Of course, those are just some of the most common bonuses and promotions you may encounter when betting on your favorites — sweepstakes sportsbooks have a ton of other promotions, such as cashback, tournaments, daily draws that award lucky players, promo codes, discounts and bonuses on coin purchases, and a lot more promotions that are unique to specific sportsbooks.

5,000 Fliff Coins + 1.00 Fliff Cash on Signup

Currencies Used in Sweepstakes Sportsbook Promotions

As we mentioned earlier, sweepstakes sportsbooks often use two types of currencies. Even though the names of these currencies can vary from one sweepstakes sportsbook to another, they serve the same purpose and allow you to bet on sports using either the free play mode or the promotional play mode.

Sportsbook sweepstakes allow you to freely swap between using the common currency or the premium one, provided you have enough coins to make a wager. Once you have enough coins of the premium currency, you can redeem them for real money cash prizes.

In most sweepstake sportsbooks, one coin of the premium currency is equivalent to $1, meaning that you can exchange 100 Fliff Coins for $100.

Keep in mind that some sweepstakes sportsbooks are hybrid and allow you to wager both virtual currency and real money, so make sure that you’re betting only the virtual currency if that’s your preference.

Tips for Winning Sweepstakes Sportsbook Promotions

Claiming bonuses and promotions is easy, and you are likely to always have free coins to place a bonus bet here and there entirely for free. However, premium coins don’t come as easy, and you shouldn’t just squander them. Not only that, but you can exchange your premium coins for real cash and make a nice profit by being smart with how you use them.

Bet Moderately

Seasoned punters and poker players know that bankroll management is one of the most essential steps in making a profit in the long run. Instead of placing all of your eggs in one basket, you should spread the coins you have and bet on multiple betting markets and multiple games.

Simply put, don’t bet all of your coins on one or two games and hope for the best. Instead, set a sports betting bankroll management strategy and stick to it by betting percentages of your entire bankroll.

Do Your Research

It goes without saying that betting on sports requires a little bit of luck. However, a good part of placing a winning bet is all about making an informed decision. Because of that, you should always research as much as you can before placing a bet. Find out whether key players are injured or if they are missing the next game, check the team’s recent game history, head-to-head results, and more.

Every bit of information you have may get you an edge over the sportsbook. Not only that, but it will also help you make a winning bet, which is always a better option than relying on luck entirely.

Take Advantage of Promotions and Events

Before you place any sort of bet, make sure to check whether the sweepstakes sportsbook you’re playing at has an active tournament or an event. Sweepstakes sportsbooks often have leaderboards or events where you get to compete against other players.

The more you wager and the more you win, the higher you’ll climb on the leaderboards and once the event is over, you’ll receive rewards based on how highly you ranked during the event.

Mobile Sportsbook Lobby

Similarly, sweepstakes sportsbooks may offer boosted odds for specific events or specific games that have excellent value, and you should always consider betting on them over placing a regular bet.

Use a Betting Strategy

If you already have a good grasp on sports betting and want to improve your chances of making a profit, then you might want to consider using a betting strategy. Most seasoned bettors use some sort of system that keeps their betting habits in check, controls their spending, and helps them make a profit in the long run.

Some of the most popular strategies when betting on sports are arbitrage betting, matched betting, dutching, and accumulator insurance bets. Of course, you can even use strategies like the Martingale system, the Fibonacci method, or the Paroli system — just keep in mind that they are more popular among casino players.

Pros & Cons of Claiming Sweeps Sportsbook Promos

No deposits are requiredVirtually none
Extremely low wagering requirements
A ton of different promotions to claim
Hefty bonuses and rewards
You can win real cash by using sweeps promos

Final Thoughts

Sweepstakes sportsbooks are a great alternative to traditional real-money sportsbooks. If you’re an avid sports fan and you want to make every game a tad more interesting, then make sure to give sweepstakes sportsbooks a try — they are an excellent way to conserve your betting habits without having to spend a dime.

You’ll get to take advantage of all the opportunities and sportsbook bonuses by simply signing up and creating an account. You’ll also get to bet on a variety of betting markets, including both real and fantasy sports, and you can even compete against your friends and take part in various tournaments and events.

Besides, you have literally nothing to lose, and you can make a profit in the process, so how awesome is that?

5,000 Fliff Coins + 1.00 Fliff Cash on Signup

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5,000 Fliff Coins + 1.00 Fliff Cash on Signup