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Written by: Ana Maria Fucek
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Updated: March 18, 2024

Crazino Slots App

When Crazino Slots came up with an app three years ago, it attracted the attention of many casual slot players. The enthusiasm may have tapered since, but the casino is still going strong thanks to its unique Las Vegas fun slots, a 5,000,000 Gold Coins welcome bonus, and various CTV services support.

However, you can’t win real money on Crazino Slots, and very few purchase options are available. Moreover, the choice of games remains as limited as when the app was first released. These are just some of the things keeping it from being a serious online gambling contender, such as WOW Vegas or, to name just a few.

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Still, if flipping a casual, mindless slot is what you’re after, Crazino might just suit your style.

Crazino Slots Info

🎰Crazino Slots
🏛️OwnerPlaycent Games Limited
🎁No-Deposit Bonus5,000,000 Gold Coins
🤑Other PromotionsDaily Bonus, Daily Missions, Lucky Wheel, Store Bonus, Social media Giveaways
🧑‍💻Software ProvidersIn-house, 1x2 Gaming, Microgaming, Betsoft
🖥️AvailabilityAndroid, iOS, Google TV, Amazon TV, Apple TV, Roku
💳Payment MethodsCards, PayPal
💰Prize Redemptions❌No
🤝Sister SitesSloto World, Solitaire Sweet Saga
🔞Legal Age18
Restricted StatesNone

Crazino Slots was released back in 2020 by a Cyprys-based CTV game developer Playcent Games Limited – the company behind the Sloto World and Solitaire Sweet Saga. But it wasn’t until 2021 and the app rollout that things got interesting. The Crazino Slots app brought its thrill Vegas atmosphere to Android, iOS, Google TV, and a variety of CTV devices, and people seemed to dig it.

Same as in 2021, Crazino Slots online casino features about a dozen or so slot games developed by 1×2 Gaming, Microgaming, and Betsoft. Too few, if you ask me. In fact, the limited number of games might be my biggest gripe with Crazino: that and the inability to win real money prizes.

The social casino also features a level progression system. At first, you can only play Vegas Heat and unlock other games as you go through the ranks. Luckily, the level progression is quick, the bonuses are aplenty, and the games, although few and far between, are excellent.

Crazino Slots Logo

How to Join Crazino Slots?

The whole point of Crazino Slots is the ability to swirl it on multiple devices without the need for additional registration. You can play its slot games on Android phones, iOS phones, Google TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, or Roku. Each device requires you to download the app from the designated store and jump in.

Here’s a detailed guide on how to install Crazino Slots on your chosen device:

  1. Android Smartphone: Pop over to the Google Play Store and search for the casino. You’ll find it under the title “Crazino Slots: Vegas Casino.” Conversely, you can follow the download link from Crazino’s vanilla-looking website.
  2. iOS Smartphone: Similarly, head over to the Apple App Store and type search “Crazino.”
  3. Google TV: Granted, the Google Play Store looks a little different than on the Android phone, but the steps are the same. Navigate the store, download the app, and hit play.
  4. Apple TV: For Apple TV users, the App Store is once again the way to go. Search for “Crazino Slots” and click “GET.” It proved a little quicker than on Google.
  5. Amazon Fire: Amazon Fire TV users have it easy, as well. Just search for the casino and install the app.
  6. Roku: The one-stop for Crazino Slots for Roku users is the Roku Channel Store. Type search “Crazino,” add the app to your account, and enjoy the ride.

To reiterate, there’s no need for any additional registration since you can sign in with your existing accounts for any of these services. Also, the Crazino social casino is available in all 50 US states, but sadly, the desktop option is still missing.

Can You Get Crazino Slots Coupon Codes?

There is no Crazino Slots coupon code you can use at this moment in time. However, there seem to be regular, weekly coupon giveaways on the casino’s Facebook and X pages. Just make sure you apply for coupons before their designated expiration dates, short as they are.

Luckily, the 5,000,000 Gold Coins will be assigned to you without any code or deposit.

Crazino Slots No Deposit Bonus

The secret sauce in Crazino’s widespread success is undoubtedly that no deposit bonus of 5,000,000 Cold Coins. You don’t need to spend a dime to claim it, and better yet, you don’t even need to register as a user. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Download Crazino app with the device of choice: These could be mobile phones (Android or iOS), Google TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, or Roku.
  • Sign in using your existing account: The bonus will be awarded on your first log-in.

The no-deposit bonus can be used to play the first available game and even jump a few levels up. But to continue playing, you’ll need to jump at Crazino’s other equally delectable promotions.

Other Ways to Get Crazino Slots Free Coins

The crazy welcome bonus aside, Crazino has more bonus cards up its sleeve. It will reward your play with a series of tightly-knit packs of additional bonuses that unlock as you play along. What follows is a quick roundup of all available play-through bonuses at the time of writing.

Crazino Free Coins

Daily Bonus

The most impressive and also the easiest to claim. Sign up every day to receive a sizeable pouch of free coins that increase if you keep the streak going. The first day of the streak will give you 125k free Gold Coins, while on the seventh consecutive day, you can snatch 1,625,000 GC plus a free Lucky Wheel spin.

Daily Missions

Each day comes with a daily task of varying difficulty. Some are as easy as progressing to the next level in a timely manner, and others require a bit more brain cells. Bonus reward? Around 100k GC.

Store Bonus

In addition to the aforementioned no-deposit bonus, installing the app on your CTV device will net you an additional 125k GC. These will be your Google TV, Apple TV, or Amazon Fire.

Social Media Giveaways

Crazino Slots social casino is very active on socials and sometimes gives out free GC for no reason whatsoever. More often than not, these are realized as time-limited coupon codes.

Crazino Slots Games

Crazino Slots’s main strength is the choice of quality slot games, many of which are developed in-house. That’s also one of its principal weaknesses – less than 20 games sounds hardly inspiring for a more adventurous slot enthusiast like myself. The casino knows what it is – a platform for casual slot play – and rarely ventures outside that script.

When not made by them, the games are created by other reputable software providers like Betsoft, 1×2 Gaming, or Microgaming. Some of the more engaging titles are:

  • Vegas Heat
  • Fung Wong Fortune
  • Crazy Soul
  • 300 Shields
  • Crystal Blitz
  • After Night Falls

Crazino Crystal Blitz

Crazino Slots utilizes a progression system that I wasn’t really a big fan of. At startup, you’ll be able to play only Vegas Heat, and as you progress through the ranks and get to Level 6, you’ll unlock more games. The average betting range hovers around 2k–50k Gold Coins, so the 5,000,000 GC you get from the get-go plus daily bonuses promise fun without the need to spend.

Overall, I thought that the slots experience at Crazino was good. Not the Pulsz level excellent, just good. The graphics and animation were top-draw, and I quite enjoyed the Ancient Greek and Asian-themed slot machine games. I only wish more were available, as I’m the kind of player who gets bored quickly.

Is There a Crazino Slots Mobile App?

There sure is. In fact, I feel that the mobile app is the way to go with Crazino Slots. The app is available on both Android and iOS and can be installed in two ways:

  • For Android smartphone users: search for it at Google Play Store. The full title is “Crazino Slots: Vegas Casino.”
  • For Apple smartphone users: head over to the Apple App Store and type search “Crazino.” Install the app using your existing Apple account.

The mobile app is cool-looking and controls really well. However, some Android device users have reported having issues installing it or running it. It’s something to do with the Android version not being compatible, but we’re sure that folks at Playcent are aware of the problems and are working on solutions.

Other Ways to Play Crazino Slots

Apart from mobile phones, you can play games on Crazino Slots via a bunch of Connected TV (CTV) devices. Similar to the mobile version, the CTV apps provide a decent, albeit limited online slot experience. With, of course, the added convenience of a large screen and sofa.

The list of supported platforms is being updated constantly (the latest addition is Roku), and here they are at the present:

  • Google TV
  • Apple TV
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Roku

Each supported device will require installing the app through its designated app store. That’ll be:

  • Google Play Store for Google TV
  • Apple App Store for Apple TV
  • Roku Channel Store for Roku-powered devices

Except for Amazon Fire. That one is pretty much plug-and-play.

Does Crazino Slots Pay Out Real Money?

Crazino Slots is a fantastic platform for a casual slot spin played on a mobile phone or CTV. Unfortunately, playing for real cash is not really its thing; the only currency in the social casino is Gold Coins, and they can’t be redeemed for either gift cards or real Benjamins.

Flipping the coin, you can purchase GC bundles, but the options here are limited at best. You can only use cards or PayPal and deposit funds in the region of $0.99 to $49.99. Luckily, Crazino showers you with GC bonuses every step of the way, to the point that I found purchases redundant after several weeks of claiming the cumulative daily bonus.

Age Requirement To Play

Pros & Cons of Crazino Slots

Classic Vegas-themed gamesCan’t be played for real money
Available on phone and CTV devicesLimited game library
A profusion of bonusesLimited purchase options
Good-looking appsNo desktop version

User Reviews of Crazino Slots

Crazino Slots is bigger than its paltry website might lead you to believe. The Android version has like 10k+ downloads and nearly 800 votes, slapping it with a respectable 4.4 out of 5 stars.

User reviews on other sites weren’t so generous. Amazon’s ranking is 3.4 stars, with nearly 3,000 players voting. The votes seem evenly distributed, praising the overall feel of the social casino but bemoaning the lack of crazy fun features and bashing it for sometimes not working as it should. Indeed, many negative reviews mentioned that they couldn’t install or run the app after the software update on their phones. These were mainly Android users, so it’s worth keeping that in mind.

Crazino Slots Reviews

Elsewhere, Reddit users mostly recommend Crazino for people who don’t expect too much.

Is Crazino Slots Legit?

This brings us to the last point. Crazino Slots is a decent platform when it works if you keep your expectations in check. It is more than suitable for fun, casual play, but you can forget a vast library or variety of games at your disposal.

Also, you can forget about playing for money. Crazino Slots’s only currency is Gold Coins, and they can’t be redeemed in any way. On the plus side, bonuses at Crazino are plentiful, and you can absolutely play for fun without ever making a deposit.

Would I recommend Crazino? Yes, sure, but for mindless fun only. If you’re into real money games, check out Pulsz, WOW Vegas, or instead.

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