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Written by: Ana Maria Fucek
Fact checked by Alex Windsor  
Updated: March 19, 2024

Sites Like WebSweeps Casino

Here’s an online sweepstake playground with 500+ slots, keno, fish, and wheel free-to-play games awaiting your signup. It has great ease of use, all while keeping you completely anonymous. But it comes with a catch. Everything about it is a complete mystery – from ownership and customer support to casino alternatives!

Ready to put your tinfoil hat on and solve this mystery challenge with me?

About WebSweeps Casino

Like many similar casinos in its realm, Websweeps Casino is a puzzle entity, shrouded in secrecy since its inception. Hosting 500+ sweepstakes games, including fish, keno, Irish themes, jackpots, spin-the-wheel, and line games, the casino’s origins, ownership, and game providers fall into the unsolved mysterious sweepstake iceberg category. Despite the absence of RTP data, the online casino’s free-to-play, no deposit model backed by SSL protection is a hard-to-miss offer. Especially if you’re a sweepstake beginner looking to explore fish table and slot games with no strings attached to the platform.

Websweeps dangles the promise of the upcoming mobile app, but surprisingly, with their mobile-optimized web UI, the majority of games operate smoothly, free from delays or technical glitches. The moment you land on the platform, you’re greeted with no deposit 100 Fun Coins, the main currency on WebSweeps, and a dummy guest account.

Also, there aren’t any available sign-up or welcome promo codes you can use to get even more Fun Coins. Strangely enough, WebSweeps casino is available in all 50 US states, including Michigan, Washington, and Idaho, but that’s due to its offshore status. There isn’t a clearly stated minimum legal age of entry on their website, but the rule of thumb is – if you’re not 18 years old, steer clear of sweepstake casinos.

There isn’t a known way of winning real cash prizes on Websweeps Casino. However, there’s a mention on the web of a redemption rate of 1 Fun Coin = $1. But that “conspiracy” theory still remains to be verified.

Websweeps Casino Games

Is WebSweeps Legit?

Let’s be perfectly clear – WebSweeps operates in shady waters. It was launched in 2022 under an unknown ownership. There isn’t any available Terms and Conditions page, Privacy Policy page, FAQ section, customer support info, and company information. So, if you’re wondering if WebSweeps is legit or not, then I have two answers for you:

  1. Yes, if you’re looking to level up your fish, slots, and keno game skills and take advantage of their vast game library.
  2. No, if you plan to spend your hard-earned money on some shady casino with little to no available sweepstake casino info.

Websweeps Casino Games

Top 10 Sites Like WebSweeps Casino

What if you want to keep out of the murky casino waters and go with sweepstake casinos that have a functioning sign-up page and games like WebSweeps? I hear you! That’s why I’ve curated my top 10 sites like WebSweeps Casino that have games like WebSweeps, including fish, slots, keno, and line game variety, and offer even better bonuses and means of redeeming your coins for real cash prizes.

🎰Casino Name🎁Bonuses❌Restricted States
Fortune Coins Casino630,000 Gold Coins (GC) + 1,400 Sweeps Coins (FC)Washington, Idaho, Michigan
NoLimitCoins Casino100,000 GC + 1,000 SC verification bonusWashington, Idaho, Wyoming, Michigan
Funrize Casino125,000 TRN CoinsWashington, Idaho, Wyoming, Michigan
Chanced Casino10,000 GC + 2 SCIdaho, Kentucky, Michigan, and Washington Casino0.2100 SC + 1000.0000 GCWashington, Idaho
TaoFortune Casino28,000 Tao CoinsWashington, Idaho, Wyoming, Michigan
High 5 Casino5 Sweeps Coins, 250 Game Coins, and 600 DiamondsWashington, Idaho, Washington DC, Michigan
Pulsz Casino2.3 Sweepstakes Coins + 5,000 Gold CoinsWashington, Nevada, Idaho, Michigan
LuckyLand Slots Casino7777 Gold Coins + 10 Sweeps CoinsWashington, Idaho
Vegas Gems1,000 Gems no depositWashington, Nevada, Idaho

5 Casinos Like WebSweeps

Mystery Chest up to $10 Free
1000GC+ 0.21 SC No Deposit Bonus
367,000 GC + 32.3 Free SC
128,800 Tao Coins on Sign-Up + Daily 100 Free Secret Coins

Typically, I reserve sharing WebSweeps alternative gems for my inner circle, but this guide is an exception. Here are my top five casinos like WebSweeps, that are my Ace of Spades for snagging the finest offers and bonuses in the sweepstake world. They also have games like WebSweeps, so your gaming experience doesn’t skip a beat!

🥇1. Vegas Gems Casino

Vegas Gems Casino

Launched in 2023, this casino like WebSweeps has quickly established itself as a go-to platform for sweepstake fans who want a great mix of classic and modern games. Owned by JSP Media Holdings Ltd., it prides itself as a WebSweeps legit alternative with 450+ slots, blackjack, wheel, roulette, and crash games.

As a newcomer, you’ll get a generous signup bonus of up to 1,000 no deposit Gems, offering a great kickstart to your gaming journey. But that’s not all! Besides the initial signup bonus, Vegas Gems Casino crafted a well-organized bonus and promo scheme, including 50% extra gems on your $20 or 10% extra Gems up to $100 purchase.

Mystery Chest up to $10 Free

🥈2. Casino

Popped to life in 2022 as a casino project from LuckyBird to shake the competition and market share Stakes dominates. When you sign up and verify your account, they hook you up with a little welcome gift of 0.2100 SC + 1000.0000 GC, which is pretty neat. A great way to get you up to playing speed without dipping into your pocket. They’ve got 150+ games, including slots, table games, and some unique ones like Plinko and Keno. They are all put together by BGaming and some bespoke titles, so you’re getting games like WebSweeps but with prestige.

Here’s the kicker: They’re all about the crypto. You can use Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and a few other cryptos to play, which is pretty awesome if you’re into that. They’ve set up their reao cash prizes so you can start cashing out once you’ve got at least 100 SC, and 1 SC = $1, which keeps things simple.

1000GC+ 0.21 SC No Deposit Bonus

🥉3. Pulsz Casino

Pulsz Casino Games

It’s one of my favorite online sweepstakes spots with over 700 games like slots, scratchcards, and table games. Just by signing up, a no deposit bonus of 2.3 Sweepstakes Coins and 5,000 Gold Coins gets assigned to your account. Let me sweeten the pot even more with their welcome bonus of a whopping 66% off on your coin purchase.

What I most enjoy about them is they always throw out daily Sweeps Coins deals and even boost your chances at jackpots on Mondays. Guess Mondays aren’t so bad after all? Compared to games like WebSweeps of unknown origin, Pulsz Casino only works with reputable giants like Pragmatic Play and NetEnt. Not to mention, their sweepstake mobile app works flawlessly with a ton of in-app bonuses and special deals!

367,000 GC + 32.3 Free SC

🎖️4. NoLimitCoins Casino

Launched in 2021 by A1 Development LLC, they kick things off with a 100,000 gold coin and 1,000 SC no deposit bonus just for signing up and verifying. They also have a unique deal where they slash 33% off on your first coin package, where the best offer gets you 200,000 GC for $4.99. Also, did I mention they’ve added 875 SC on top of that?!

I love their “Build Your Own Offer” promo, which lets you pick your bonus size. It’s a great, unique value proposition many sweepstake fans appreciate, and with almost 100 slots, fish, and other games from NetGames, there’s something for everyone. You can cash out for real cash prizes at a $100 minimum limit for bank transfers or $25 for gift cards, with a simple conversion rate of 100 SC to $1. The only bummer is that they don’t have a dedicated mobile app.

🏅5. Tao Fortune

Taofortune Casino Lobby

A NoLimitCasino sister site that launched in 2022 holds a precious spot in my sweepstake list thanks to their big no deposit sign-up bonus of 128,000 Tao Coins. Their welcome bonus also keeps up with their grand reputation – $19.88 for 250,000 TC plus an extra 2,500 free SC. A great head start that’s hard to beat!

Their Magic Box rewards keep you hooked, offering up to 500 SC and 275,000 TC, besides dozens of other promos. The game selection is solid, with over 95 options, including jackpots, unique fish games, and “Hold and Win” slots, all powered by NetGame. For banking, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and Trustly are at your disposal, allowing the same real money withdrawal as with their sister site. Despite not having a mobile app TaoFortune’s 24/7 customer support is one of the best in the industry!

128,800 Tao Coins on Sign-Up + Daily 100 Free Secret Coins

Are There WebSweeps Sister Casinos?

Since there isn’t any available data about the WebSweeps legit owner, there aren’t any known sister sites. However, in my years of reviewing sweepstake casinos, several of them carry the same WebSweeps shady flag. All of them have extremely similar web UI, game variety, bonus scheme, and zero to no available casino info. They are:

  1. SkillTx – Or should I say Websweeps’ brother from another mother?
  2. – Same interface, exactly the same game offer, but 50X more Fun Coins.
  3. – It’s like Spidermeme all over again, a copycat of a copycat
  4. – It has the same games as WebSweeps but with slight improvements.
  5. – Same as It’s casino-like WebSweeps, but gives you 5,000 Fun Coins at sign up.

Expert Tip: If you come across a sweepstake casino with the same loading interface as in the pic below, then you’ve come across a casino like WebSweeps. Since most of its copycat websites have no real company info, Privacy Policy, or TaC page, proceed with extreme caution!

Websweeps Casino Rating

Why Look for Casinos Similar to WebSweeps?

Casinos similar to Websweeps, despite being shady in their nature, sprout to life for several reasons. Being controversial as is, there’s a reason why these types of online sweepstake casinos exist.

1. Seeking Anonymity

We live in a world where everyone wants to know your business and personal data. These casinos, despite being shady, offer a secret escape. Think of them as speakeasies of the sweepstake gambling world, where you keep your identity under wraps and just focus on the free-to-play games. They’re perfect for those who keep their online sweepstake hobby a private affair or dodge the constraints of stringent gambling laws.

2. Easy Access

Sites like WebSweeps are based on a free-to-play model, making it a breeze for anyone to jump in and play, regardless of where you are on the globe or what rules you’re supposed to follow. They’re the pressure valves of the gambling world, letting you escape the limitations of law-bounded online casinos.

3. Accessibility and Convenience

Most of these casinos offer simpler sign-up processes, zero to no geo-tracking restrictions, and more accessible gameplay to players worldwide. These are the perks that lure the players in without driving them through the tedious email and account verification process. Because of its blessing and curse – the lack of legal information makes the perfect loophole for those who are legally and geographically restricted from enjoying online sweepstake gambling.

4. Zero Strings Attached

Free-to-play casinos like WebSweeps have one big advantage over the rest of the online sweepstake industry – they don’t follow you around the web and spam your email with all the micro-promotions. You have zero strings attached when playing fish, keno, or slot games. They don’t have any cookie settings nor follow your activities through email newsletters.

Expert Tip: Despite being shady from the get-go, most of these sites like Websweeps (including them as well), have a verified SSL certificate. This means that you can enjoy your sweepstake gameplay knowing your gameplay is absolutely secure from anyone snooping in on you.

Websweeps Casino Lobby

How WebSweeps and Alternative Casinos Work?

WebSweeps draws the line of legality differently. By only offering Fun coins without a direct path to real cash prizes, they are dodging the bullet of legal scrutiny. However, their absence of a clear mechanism for winning real cash prizes doesn’t necessarily pull them from shady waters.

While the use of no-deposit Fun Coins’ and their free-to-play model gives you a dose of anonymity, ease of use, and accessibility over their mobile-optimized web UI, their player protection, game fairness, and the overall integrity of operations is a big red flag in my book. It sets sites like WebSweeps on the narrow edge between being legit or not.

Pros & Cons of Joining WebSweeps Casino

500+ gamesNo ownership details
No geo-trackingNo customer support details
No deposit free-to-play modelLack of key casino details
Mobile-optimized web UINo mobile app
Bonuses do exist, but it’s tricky getting them
Broken registration process

Final Thoughts

Websweeps and their many flavors, or should I say copycat sites, are a great training ground to polish your fish table, slots, and fruit game skills. Since their registration process is non-existent and reaching their customer support is a complete mystery, you can at least take advantage of their 600+ free-to-play games. The 100 free no deposit Fun Coins you get at dummy guest sign-up are more than enough to test out each of the 10+ game categories.

So, here’s what I would do and what I would recommend to every sweepstake fan who’s just starting out: Before you try your luck and skill with the big renowned social sweepstakes casino in my top 5 picks, put your trainy wheels on and get familiar with game mechanics offered on Websweeps casino as much as you can. Most of the games offered at this sweepstake casino have the same concept throughout the whole sweepstake industry. You master one of them, and you’ll score big, real cash prizes on legit, reputable sweepstake casinos, left and right!


  • Can I win real money at WebSweeps Casino?
    Since the documentation available on Websweeps casino is pretty scarce, there isn't any known way of winning real cash prizes. However, like with many other casinos like WebSweeps, there's a promise of winning real cash prizes, with the redemption rate of 1 Fun Coin = $1. But that still remains to be verified
  • Is it safe to play at WebSweeps Casino?
    Yes! Even with the shadiest sweepstake casinos out, there is a bright side. The bright side of Websweeps Casino is their SSL-encrypted web platform that keeps your gameplay protected, making WebSweeps legit and safe to play without the need to enter your personal data.
  • Are there any bonuses or promotions available at WebSweeps Casino?
    Yes, but claiming them is really difficult! Websweeps Casino has a broad range of appealing bonuses, scoring a big plus on their WebSweeps legit board. It's a strong mix of welcome, weekly, and specific-game-related bonuses. However, getting some of those bonuses is extremely difficult since they are kept behind the broken registration gate, which is difficult to overcome.
  • What should I do if I encounter issues while playing at WebSweeps?
    Unfortunately, in this case, you're left on your own, and you have to improvise. There aren't any available customer support details nor a way to reach anyone from Websweeps Casinos. The best word of advice I'll give you when you encounter an issue with your gameplay is to either try again through a VPN or delete your browser cash and cookie data. In most cases, that gets the games unstuck!

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