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Updated: March 18, 2024

Tiger Is Home Promo Codes

Competition, crypto, and community-driven are everything Tiger Is Home sweepstakes casino strives to provide, and it does it quite well. It is a casino where players can use crypto to play various casino games like slots, keno, and card games and compete on a frequently updated leaderboard with other members.

Participating in these casino games is best experienced through a computer, even if it is accessible with mobile devices through their browser, but no app files exist.

It is essential to consider that the owners of this casino are less engaged than before, as the social media platforms are not active. Still, promotions are somewhat active on the site, making it worth any experienced gambler’s time.

Are There Tiger Is Home Promo Codes?

Unfortunately, there is no way to obtain a Tiger Is Home sweepstakes promo code, as there are no promo codes for this platform at all. Considering that there is not even a spot to type in any kind of code on the site (except the Tiger Is Home casino referral code), any kind of promo code you find for this casino is fake.

Tiger Is Home Sign Up Bonus

After you sign up on Tiger Is Home, you will immediately be offered to claim some promotions/bonuses. The first one offered is available if you make a deposit, which requires you to spend money on the casino, and the second one is the sign-up bonus, revealed after you click “Next” on the pop-up window.

To claim the Sign Up Bonus on Tiger Is Home, you must finish the second part of the verification we mentioned earlier. You can easily access the sheet to fill out by clicking “Request.”

Here, you will have to provide your first name, last name, date of birth, address, city, state, zip code, phone, photo ID, and selfie photo ID. Once your verification is fully approved, you will receive 300 Entries.

Tiger is Home Sign Up Page

Other Tiger Is Home Promotions

There are many other promotions in the Tiger Is Home casino, and you can find them all by clicking on Promotions after logging in. While you will not get a coupon or promo code via these promotions, they give free Entries at a flat rate or a percentage. Here is the list of promotions at the time of this review:

  • Bitcoin recharges – Depositing with Bitcoin gives a 5% deposit bonus.
  • First login of the day – Logging in every day for the first time gives you 100 Entries.
  • First recharge of the day – Purchasing Entries for the first time in a day gives you additional Entries. Purchasing between $5 and $20 worth of Entries gives an extra 10%, over $20 to $30 provides 20%, and purchases over $30 give an additional 30% of Entries.
  • Redeem and buy – While playing games, you can redeem your winnings and immediately deposit again on that same game. Doing this for $5 to $20 gives an additional 10% of Entries, over $20 to $30 gives 20%, and for purchases over $30, it gives an additional 30% of Entries.
  • Referral – You can find the Tiger Is Home casino referral code on your profile by clicking on your profile icon and then “Invite.” With this code, you can invite friends to play games on Tiger Is Home, and for every purchase they make, you get 10% of the Entries of their purchases.
  • Being first on the leaderboard – By playing games on Tiger Is Home, you compete on the leaderboard with special points called Tiger Points. These are gained by spending Entries and earning winnings. The person who is the first on the leaderboard that is split into daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly versions will receive some free Entries (it is not stated how many).

Tiger is Home Promotions

Tiger Is Home Casino Info

At first sight, TigerIs Home sweepstakes might not look too exciting, as their landing page looks extremely underwhelming. Still, despite first impressions, Tiger Is Home is more than meets the eye once you log in.

There are a lot of games to play for real money prizes, including over 50 exclusive slots with vintage single and multiplier slots. While competing for prizes, you are also competing for the spot on the leaderboard, which grants additional winnings and new playable games, an interesting take on sweepstakes.

Unfortunately, although Tiger Is Home promotes free play, there’s no such thing at this casino. The sign up bonus you win upon registration cannot be used for free play, as the casino asks you to recharge your credits once you want to use them, which doesn’t lead anywhere.

However, there are some issues when it comes to cashing out winnings, as many users on social media platforms like Facebook claim that they are taking longer and longer as the developer/owner is not showing as much interest as before. There are also some other red flags about payment options that we will discuss later in the review.

🎰Tiger Is Home Casino
🖥️Accessible ThroughDesktop and Mobile Browser
📱Android and iOS App❌No
✍️Sign Up Bonus300 Entries
🎲Games AvailableSingle Line Slots, Multiline Slots, Multispin Slots, Keno, Card Games
💵Currency UsedEntries
💳Payment MethodBitcoin
🆓Free Play❌No
💰Real Money Play✅Yes
🔞Legal Age18+
Restricted StatesNone

How to Join Tiger Is Home Casino?

To create an account at Tiger Is Home is quite strange, as you can only access it through a browser. Surprisingly, it is nicely optimized for iOS but not so much for Android. Here is how to sign up:

  1. First, you will have to visit the official website.
  2. Press on “Sign Up”
  3. Fill out the blank spaces with your desired details for your email (username) and password, then tick the empty boxes. For the referral code, if you do not have one, just type in anything. For example, 1234 works just fine.
  4. Insert the code you receive in your e-mail to verify that it is real, and your account will be created.

While this is technically the end of the registration process, you still need to do a few extra steps to finish verifying your account, as without it, you will not be able to play any games on the site.

The fastest and easiest way to finish verification is to click “Wallet,” then “Invite,” and then “Request.”

Here, you must submit a lot of personal information, including a photo of your ID and a photo of you holding your ID. This is a good additional step to improve the legitimacy of the website, but on the other hand, it feels odd.

Once you complete this part of the verification, which can take up to 48 hours, you are finally completely registered at the casino, and you can play some games after you make a deposit.

Tiger is Home Sign Up Page

How to Download Tiger Is Home App?

It is impossible to download a Tiger Is Home app, as it does not exist. Accessing this casino is only possible through a browser that supports HTML5 for mobile devices.

On desktop computers, you should be able to access it to pretty much any browser, but do note that any software you find downloadable for this is malicious, and you should ignore it.

Playing games on Tiger Is Home is possible only through the official website!

Tiger Is Home Games

There are five categories of games available at Tiger Is Home: multiline slots, single-line slots, multispin slots, Keno, and card games. Some games are available immediately if you have Entries to play, but some are locked behind a certain amount of Tiger Points or a premium subscription.

Multiline Slots

Seven multiline slots are available without a Premium subscription or requiring a certain number of Tiger Points. Some of these games are Woods of Magic, Tuthankhamons Gold, and Diamond’s Cave. In total, there are 21 multiline slots available.

Single Line Slots

The number of single-line slots is much smaller, as there are only three different options that are not locked: Wild Bell, Indian Life Camp, and Love Witch. The other nine games require a premium subscription or a certain number of Tiger Points.

Multispin Slots

The situation is slightly better for multi spin slot games, as five out of thirteen games are available without a premium pass or Tiger Points. Some of these five instantly accessible games are Golden Buddha and El Sombrero.


Pak Agrail Golf, The Golden Bullet, and Keno 80 are the three games available if you do not have a subscription or any Tiger Points on your account. Other than these games, there are 11 locked ones, totaling 14 Keno games, which is not bad.

Card Games

By far, the lowest number of games available is in the card games category, as only Italian Poker can be accessed without premium or Tiger Points. However, even with the locked games included, there are only seven games in total, a bit underwhelming.

Tiger is Home Card Games

Tiger Is Home Currencies & Redemption

There is only one kind of currency on Tiger Is Home: Entries. You can purchase Entries with real money and use them for all the games available on the website.

By purchasing Entries, you will also get a premium subscription based on the number of Entries you purchase. This will let you access some games that you would otherwise not be able to access if you do not have enough Tiger Points.

While Tiger Points does look like a currency at first, do not be confused; this is a point system for the leaderboard that also unlocks additional games – it is not used as a currency!

Payment Methods

When you go to the part of the website where you can recharge your Entries, there are only two payment options: $cashtag and Bitcoin.

While having $cashtag as an option was exciting when you try to click on the cashier name provided, the page you are redirected to will say that this cashier is blocked – this is a major flag for trouble!

With this in mind, Bitcoin via the wallet address is your only payment option.

Here are the payment options:

💵Price⏱Premium Duration🟢Entries Received
$5½ Day500
$101 Day1000
$202 Days2000
$253 Days2500
$507 Days5000
$10015 Days10000

Tiger Is Home Eligibility & Wagering Requirements

To be eligible to play on Tiger Is Home, you must be a US citizen and be at least 18 years old. As all the games listed on this casino are legal in all states, you can play them from anywhere.

When it comes to wagering requirements, the minimum wagering is different for each game, so it is best to check this information yourself for the games that interest you.

Pros & Cons of Playing Tiger Is Home

Exclusive gamesNo apps for iOS or Android
International sweepstakes gamesNo promo codes
The website is easy to navigate and useCashing out can take a while

Is Tiger Is Home Legit?

Considering everything, such as how the website looks, how the payment method is done, the verification, and the way games are accessed, it is tough to assess whether the casino is legit. Some things point towards green flags, such as the verification system, but then there are payment methods and cash out options, as well as the unavailability of free play that makes everything look suspicious.

Honestly, if you do not feel like risking your money and your time, you are probably better off checking out a casino that offers sweepstakes, such as Sweeptastic, as they are known to be a legitimate platform.

Considering that Tiger Is Home is a relatively new platform, things might change in the future, but looking at their social media activity, this is not likely to happen.

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