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Written by: Sara Miljkovic
Fact checked by Ross Timmins  
Updated: January 29, 2024

SkillMachine Promo Codes

Spent quite some time on lately, which is a gaming platform that, at first, seems pretty promising. It operates like a sweepstakes casino, offering a mix of paid and free games, a rewards system, and a diverse gaming selection.

However, while it looks great, there’s a lack of transparency, especially when it comes to crucial aspects like player protection, banking methods, and the sign-up process.

As usual, I wanted to dig deeper and see if this platform is something we should be looking into. So, I’ve put together a review to address questions about its nature, legal status, and suitability for US citizens. We’ll explore legality, safety, and user experience, too.

Are There Any Bonus Codes? supposedly offers a variety of promo codes designed to elevate your gaming experience, but I haven’t found any. These promo codes, including promo codes and coupon codes, can be your ticket to welcome bonuses, reload and cashback rewards, and even enticing no deposit bonuses.

However, despite what it advertises, Skillmachine net contains relatively few references to bonuses or bonus codes overall. In all honesty, finding zero bonus codes at Skillmachine was such a letdown. But, I’ll give them some benefit of the doubt; let’s say they had no bonus codes available at the time of my review but will have them in the future … how would we use the available promo codes? I cover that in the following section.

How to Use Promo Codes?

The process of obtaining a promo code is pretty straightforward once the promo code becomes available. Follow these steps:

  1. Look for available promo codes on the website or through their customer support.
  2. Once you have a valid promo code, create an account or sign in to your existing account.
  3. Select the game you want to play and add it to your cart.
  4. Proceed to checkout.
  5. Enter the promo code in the designated field before completing your purchase.
  6. If the code is valid, it will be applied to your purchase, and you will receive the associated bonus or discount.

Keep in mind, though, that may not always offer promo codes, so it is important to check regularly for updates. Also, some promo codes may have restrictions, such as minimum deposit requirements or game availability. Overview

Exploring, I’ve gathered some impressions you may benefit from. I list them here:

🎰 Casino
🖥️Platform TypeSweepstakes casino
🎲Game SelectionSlots, table games, card games, and casual games
🏅Rewards SystemSkillmachine Coins and real money
✍️Welcome BonusesN/A
🎁No Deposit BonusesN/A
💳Banking MethodsN/A
Restricted StatesNone (offshore)
☎️Customer SupportLive chat and email support available
📱Mobile App❌No
📜LicenseNot licensed

Think of as a sweepstakes casino, offering a blend of paid and free games, a rewards system, and a diverse gaming selection. But, before we get too hyped, there’s something to be aware of – is a bit secretive about crucial aspects like player protection, banking methods, and the sign-up process. It’s like they’re keeping these details under wraps which is a shame as these things are a make-it-or-break-it point for each casino – whether real money or a social one.

As I mentioned already, bonuses and bonus codes were nowhere to be found at the time of this review, which didn’t leave the best taste in my mouth. I didn’t find anything of note on banking options either, except for the very little information I laid out in the table.

Here are some additional things to keep in mind about

  • It is not licensed by any gaming authority.
  • It is not clear how the prizes are funded.
  • There have been some complaints from users about the site’s integrity.

With the information I’ve got, I would advise against playing at Opt for more transparent and trustworthy operators that will lay out all relevant information in an open and clear way. However, stay away from similarly named platforms, such as, as it’s equally shady. Bonuses & Promos

Although is advertizing enticing bonuses, they kind of fall short of expectations. These bonuses are like the Loch Ness Monster of the online gaming world – you only hear about them, but you rarely see them. The site provides very little info about bonuses or bonus codes. I wish there was more I could report on his topic, but there isn’t.

So, if you’re considering, keep a close eye on the casino’s website or reach out to their customer support for the latest updates on available bonuses and promos – if there are any. Coins’s virtual currency system is based on coins. The platform uses virtual coins as an in-game currency that lets you play, buy stuff, and even enter sweepstakes for a chance to win real money prizes. You can buy these coins with real money or earn them through gameplay, giving you flexibility in how you stock up.

What I like about this system is that it gives you direct access to coins if you want to jump right in, but it also rewards you for playing and exploring the platform. In this respect, is worth checking out but with a dose of caution.

Does Pay Out Real Cash?

As you know, is a sweepstakes casino, which means that it officially does not offer real cash prizes. Instead, players can earn Skillmachine Coins, redeemable for virtual prizes, such as gift cards and merchandise.

However,’s terms of service state that “ may, in its sole discretion, offer promotions or contests that allow players to win real money prizes.”

So, while it is not possible to directly redeem Skillmachine Coins for real cash, there is a possibility of winning real money prizes through promotions or contests.

Games to Play on

Unlike traditional casinos where wins and losses are determined by chance, games rely on your skills and strategies. Meaning, your success is in your own hands, not up to a roll of the dice or a spin of the wheel.

Since games are all about your skills and strategies, here’s the offering you’ll find on the website:

Slot Machines

The slot offerings at Skillmachine net deviate from the typical titles found on licensed and regulated online casino platforms. Unfortunately, there’s a lack of information about the game studios responsible for these games, and details regarding volatility or RTP are also unavailable.

Skill Games positions itself as a gaming space with a particular focus on skill machines and games of skill and dexterity, featuring a dedicated menu for skill-based entertainment.

Skill Pick

A considerable number of games on includes a Skill Pick version. This variant introduces an extra Skill Pick symbol that sporadically appears on the reels, prompting players to choose between two symbols to enhance their winnings.

Fish Table Games

Among other games, you’ll find titles resembling fish table games such as Fish Battle 5, Fishing Dragnet, and Dragons Fight, which feature multiplayer table action skill games with straightforward shooter mechanics. They demand a certain level of dexterity from players, occasionally requiring extra actions to shoot targets.

Real Cash Prizes

Real cash prizes are structured into four jackpot tiers: Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Platinum. Interestingly, at the time of our review, the lowest Silver-tier Jackpot surpassed the Gold jackpot. This peculiarity may be attributed to the progressive nature of the prize, growing as more people engage in play.

Whether these prizes are indeed paid out to players remains unverified at this time.

There is some delay between rounds, and the real money games on may have an extended loading time, but other than that, they function smoothly. Also, you can have a free trial without having to open an account.

Pros & Cons of Joining

🎲Game SelectionDiverse mix of paid and free gamesSome users have reported glitches and technical issues
🏅Rewards SystemRewards players with virtual currency that can be exchanged for prizesVirtual currency has no cash value
🎁BonusesMay include match deposit bonuses and no deposit bonusesNo information available
🛡️Player ProtectionLimited transparencyNot licensed by any gaming authority
💳Banking MethodsLimited transparencyNot clear how the prizes are funded
🇺🇸 Legality for US CitizensLegalOffshore casino
🔒SafetyLimited transparency about security measuresSome users have expressed concerns about the site's integrity
📱Mobile AppNo mobile app availableNot accessible on mobile devices
📜LicenseNot licensedNot regulated by any gaming authority

Is Worth It?

After taking a deep dive into, my final verdict is pretty clear. While they offer a decent variety of games, the lack of transparency about crucial aspects like the company’s background, account registration details, and banking methods raises major red flags for me.

The whole bonus situation is also shrouded in mystery, making it hard to trust the platform. Given these concerns, I am not comfortable recommending

Sure, there are some free games available, but there are plenty of other platforms out there that offer a much better user experience. For now, is not a good option for US players. Sorry, guys.

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Over the last five years, Sara has devoted herself to reviewing sweepstakes casinos and curating top-notch content, making sure you snag those sweet bonuses with style. Join me on this journey of exploration and evolution within the sweepstakes landscape, where every twist and turn is a story waiting to be told.

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