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Written by: Sara Miljkovic
Fact checked by Ross Timmins  
Updated: March 18, 2024

1,000 GC & 1 MOON COIN

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    Jun 18, 2024.
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    Claim Now is a new casino that feels like a breath of fresh air. It is a sweepstakes casino with plenty of bonuses for gambling enjoyers from the US who do not need to claim promo codes but instead claim them directly on the platform.

    The website looks modern, and it also runs smoothly. The modernization expands further as payment is available in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Doge, and more.

    It is a great platform that has its original casino games. The only downside is that it happens to have only eight of them at the moment, and Lucky provides the remaining 57 games. In short, it is worth checking this casino out if you enjoy sweepstakes.

    Moonspin Bonus Codes

    Are There Bonus Codes?

    Unfortunately, there are no promo codes or coupons; therefore, they are unavailable. Instead, the casino provides a daily bonus that allows players to play without spending any money in the casino.

    Currencies given out through the daily bonus are both gold coins and Moon Coins, so you can potentially play for fun and for real prizes at without needing to look for bonuses. There are still some bonuses that you can work for; keep reading to find out which ones. No Deposit Bonus

    To claim the no-deposit bonus, you must register on the platform and verify your account, without the need to enter a bonus codes. Considering that this bonus is obtainable by creating an account, you can also consider it a welcome bonus.

    When you finish the verification, and your accounts get approved, you will receive 1 free MC (Moon Coin) and 12,000 GC (Gold Coins).

    This bonus extends even further if you are active on the site in the next five days, as every 12 hours, you can claim an additional 11,000 GC and 1 MC. Do note that you must play with the MC you gain through this method 35 times before you can redeem them.

    Other Promotions

    There are a couple of promotions that you can utilize on the casino’s website, so you do not have to look out for Moonspin promo codes or anything like that. This is quite a good approach to bonuses, as you know which ones you are getting and when you are getting them.

    Of course, some other promotions come from time to time in the Moonspin casino as a surprise, which is also great. A good example is competitions and giveaways on their social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter (X).

    Mail-In Bonus

    If you want to get your hands on 1 Moon Coin for free, you only have to send a handwritten postcard to the casino’s physical headquarters. All the full information on how to do that is located on their Terms of Service page, so make sure you check it out before sending it.

    Daily Reload Bonus

    While it might initially sound exciting, the daily reload bonus will only provide you with 1,000 Gold Coins, which are more or less as good as monopoly money that you can use for free play. You can claim this every 24 hours and find it by clicking on your account’s ID to open the dropdown menu and then “Daily Bonus.” Then, click on “Claim Daily Bonus” to redeem 1,000 GC. Note that some shady casinos, like Casino Castle, also offer a daily reload bonus depending on your daily deposit. However, it’s safer to stick with tested and tried options.

    Refer a Friend

    If you have been checking out some online casinos or any other platform that happens to be community-driven, you are probably familiar with the RAF system. Refer a friend lets you gain GC and MC by inviting a friend to join the platform through your referral code.

    You can find the code to refer a friend by clicking on your account’s ID to open the dropdown menu. Then, click on “Profile” and then on “Affiliates.” You can see your claimed commissions, pending invitations, and top win amount here. To get the code, click on “See All”.

    Do remember that you will have to spend some money in the casino before you are given rewards, which at the moment is 10% of their winnings.

    Social Media Promotions

    Moonspin uses Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (X) to make all kinds of promotions that can give users gold coins or Moon Coins. This involves finding differences in a picture, leaving a comment under a post, etc. Casino Info

    As a new sweepstake casino, Casino is a great platform to check out if you are looking for something new and different. It was launched in 2023 by Moonspin Sweepstakes, and while not a lot is known about the owner, the business they are running is smooth and legitimate, so their secrecy is not that big of a red flag.

    Being a newer casino, they have not partnered with many game providers, so the only ones they have at the time of this review are ones by Lucky and a couple of their original games.

    The games Moonspin produced make this casino unique and fun, as most games provide a multiplayer experience and are genuinely entertaining. It is also worth noting that games can only be played for real and fun, which is always an excellent addition.

    🎰 Casino
    🏛️OwnerMoonspin Sweepstakes
    🎁No Deposit Welcome Bonus12,000 Gold Coins and 1 Moon Coin on registration + 11,000 Gold Coins and 1 Moon Coin every 12 hours for the next five days
    🤑Other BonusesReferral System, Daily Reload, Mail-in Bonus, Social Media Contests and Giveaways
    💳Purchase MethodsCrypto
    💵Supported CurrenciesBitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tron, XRP, Doge, USDT
    💰Redeem MethodsCrypto, Gift Cards, Merchandise
    🎲GamesCrash, Dice, HiLo, Slots, Wheel of Fortune, Roulette
    🔞Legal Age21+
    Restricted StatesWashington, Nevada, Idaho, and Kentucky

    How Works

    To play games on Moonspin, you will have to register for an account, as without it, you will not be able to participate in any games (you can still watch Moonspin multiplayer games being played).

    To register and participate in the games, you must be a resident of the United States of America and at least 21 years old. You can live in any state but Washington, Nevada, Idaho, and Kentucky to be eligible to gamble in this casino.

    Moonspin uses gold coins to play for fun and Moon Coins that you can use to play for real money.

    How to Open a Account

    To open an account at, you must first visit the website. In the top left corner, you should click on the “Sign Up” button and then fill out the requested information without entering Moonspin bonus codes.

    Make sure to use a real e-mail address, as you must verify it to complete the registration.

    Once you receive the mail, there is one final step to complete to wrap up the registration after you click on “Verify Now” in the mail.

    You will be redirected to the site, where you will receive information on all the requirements and once you click on “Get Verified,” a form will open where you can submit your personal documents to verify that you are of legal age and that you are a resident of the United States of America.

    Once again, it is important to note that you cannot play any games without finishing the verification process!

    Can You Join on Mobile?

    At the moment, there is no app for Android or iOS, but that does not mean this will not change in the future, as this casino is still fairly new compared to many other competitors.

    Nonetheless, this does not mean you cannot join through your phone or tablet, as all you have to do is access the website through the browser that you have on your device and sign up as you would through a computer. Purchases

    Despite the casino offering an option to play for real money by playing with Moon Coins, they are not actually available for purchase, operating the same way as sweeps coins in other sweepstake casinos. Instead, you can purchase only gold coins, which are used to participate in fun games and cannot be traded for real money.

    Moonspin is a good example of “no purchase necessary to play” due to many promotions that do not require Moonspin promo codes, but if you do burn through your stash of gold coins, you will have to purchase more to play at that moment.

    You can use crypto to purchase gold coins, but this is probably unnecessary since there are so many ways to obtain a hefty amount of GC.

    Can You Win Real Money on

    You can win real money by playing on Moonspin, with a currency exchange that’s typical for sweepstakes casinos. To redeem prizes by cashing out, you need to convert your Moon Coins to dollars, where 1 MC equals 1 USD.

    Redeeming your moon coins comes in a couple of different options. The first and probably the best is by getting crypto to your wallet – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Doge, etc. Other than that, you can choose to receive gift cards that are available at the moment, and if you really want to spice up your way of redeeming your MC, you can get Moonspin merchandise.

    Games Library on

    We already mentioned that Moonspin is currently only partnered with Lucky, bringing them 57 different slot games you can play. These slots include games like Piggy Detective, Alchemy Book, Farm Ville 2, Claudius Lust, and more. While the slots are interesting, what makes Moonspin unique are their own games.

    Moonspin Casino Games


    This is basically an emulation of a market crash. A line begins to ascend, which serves as a multiplier for your bet. Players can wager their GC or MC and are betting on the multiplier the line will reach. If you bet 3.33x with 100 GC, you will get 333 GC.

    Crash is played live, and you can see other players placing bets in real time. Because of this, you can wait and see how the game works before joining to play.

    Moonspin Crash Game

    When Moon Bro

    While named differently, it is basically the same thing as Crash, but with more exciting visuals, as you get to see a car crash into the moon instead of a line going red like it does in Crash.


    This concept is the same as the previous two mentions but with different visuals. The only catch is that the multiplier does not reset after a round ends here, it continues, and it feels like you are watching a stock market progression live.


    This is a single-player game, and it is a different take on rolling dice. Instead of having to roll specific numbers, you are betting on a number that will be under the outcome of the dice. The more under the result is, the bigger the prizes.


    It is definitely the least exciting game on the platform, as it is a basic game of high and low that is played with cards. You are just betting if the next card drawn is going to be higher or the same as the previous reveal. Look at it as an advanced coin flip.


    Another single-player game that plays out similarly to When Moon Bro. However, you can specify a targeted multiplier instead of a pre-selected multiplier.

    Moonspin Limbo Game

    Wheel of Fortune

    There is a twist to this spin-the-wheel game, as you get to choose how many segments it is going to have and what kind of risk you want to take. Depending on your settings, you can win up to 48.5x your bet (with fifty segments and high risk turned on).


    Although an original Moonspin game, it’s another simple roulette table game. You place your bet on where you think the ball will land, and if you are correct, you win, that’s it.

    Pros & Cons of Playing on

    Fair gamesNot a lot of games
    Lots of free bonusesIt is not possible to explore the site without registration
    Bonuses can be used to win real money
    Modern and stable platform

    Is a Legit Option for US Players?

    Moonspin is quite a nice option for US players, and you should consider it if you are looking for something new and fresh. The unique games they offer are interesting, especially the multiplayer ones, and are worth sticking around for. We even found ourselves just watching other people win or fail their bets quite often, which was unexpected.

    When it comes to slots, since their selection is not that big, you are better off checking out some other platform, such as Sweeptastic, as they have a much bigger selection.

    However, we can definitely recommend this casino, and we hope they make some tiny innovations in the future to improve the overall experience.

    Unlock 57,500 GC + 27.5 FREE SC
    1.5M WOW Coins + 35 Free Sweeps Coins
    5 Sweeps Coins, 250 Game Coins, and 600 Diamonds
    10,000 GC & 1 Free Stake Cash on Sign-Up

    Over the last five years, Sara has devoted herself to reviewing sweepstakes casinos and curating top-notch content, making sure you snag those sweet bonuses with style. Join me on this journey of exploration and evolution within the sweepstakes landscape, where every twist and turn is a story waiting to be told.

    1,000 GC & 1 Moon Coin No Deposit Bonus