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Written by: Sara Miljkovic
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Updated: March 18, 2024

LuckyLand Slots Casino Promo Codes

Welcome to LuckyLand Slots, where hitting the slot jackpot is more than just a dream โ€“ it’s a daily reality! Here, gaming is not just about passing time. It’s about snagging real cash prizes in a fun, legal way. With over 100 slot games and a dozen scratchies at your fingertips, signing up is as easy as making a PB&J sandwich, and the bonuses? They’re like finding treasure chests without even breaking a sweat!

LuckyLand Slots Info

LuckyLand Slots is an online social sweepstakes casino where fun meets fortune in a legally entertaining ducky way. Operating with a unique blend of Gold Coins for casual play and Sweeps Coins for those eyeing cash prizes, LuckyLand Slots delivers a seamless web gaming experience accessible for 18+ players and across the USA, minus a few states (Washington, Idaho, and Michigan). Opening an account is a breeze, offering both traditional and Facebook sign-up options, emphasizing ease without immediate ID verification.

LuckyLand Slots casino has a rich 100+ slots (with a slight mix of scratchies) game library, ranging from Hold-n-Spins to Progressive Jackpots, designed for every type of player. While promo codes might be AWOL, the casino compensates for that with a wealth of bonuses, including a hefty no-deposit sign-up bonus, daily free coins, and vibrant social media promotions, ensuring that your slot thrill never dulls.

Payment methods are diverse, ensuring you can dive into the action with ease, leveraging your online banking, Skrill Wallet, or gift cards. While the mobile experience is still like the main character of Lost, the web platform offers fast, secure, and smooth gameplay with easy access to customer support, which, despite lacking live chat, is highly rated for its comprehensive FAQ section.

๐ŸŽฐLuckyLand Slots Casino
๐Ÿ›๏ธOwnerVirtual Gaming Worlds
๐Ÿ“…Release Date2019
๐ŸŸกVirtual CurrencyGold Coins, Sweeps Coins
๐ŸŽฒNumber of Games100+ slots and a dozen scratchie games
๐ŸŽNo Deposit Bonus7,777 GC + 10 SC
๐Ÿ’ฐReal Cash Prizesโœ…Yes
๐Ÿ’ตMinimum Withdrawal Amount50 SC
๐Ÿค‘PromotionsHefty welcome bonus, Facebook connect bonus, free daily chips, slots giveaways, social media promos for free chips, free tournament chips
๐Ÿ”žLegal Age18+
โŒRestricted StatesWashington, Idaho, and Michigan

How to Open an Account on LuckyLand Slots?

LuckyLand Slots Lobby

Arriving at the LuckyLand slot casino’s main website, you’ll see that big sign-up bonus smiling back at you behind a sign-up button. When I aimed to grab it, the signup process presented two paths for me:

  • Login with Facebook โ€“ it automatically connects your Facebook account
  • The old-fashioned sign-up form

Note that you must be at least 18 years old and living anywhere outside Washington, Idaho, and Michigan. Also, you don’t need to go down the photo, address, and ID verification at this moment. But I would highly advise you to do so since they’re the main gatekeeper of redeeming your Sweeps Coins for real cash prizes.

You can do that directly in the Settings menu, quite a small, duck-free window, where everything is laid straightforwardly. That includes Purchase Limits which is a great little detail LuckyLand social sweepstake slot casino added for boosting their responsible gambling practices.

Does LuckyLand Slots Have Promo Codes?

Unfortunately, no. There aren’t any LuckyLand Promo codes I found, and I went through their whole ToS page. But don’t be discouraged. Their lack of sweepstake slot promo codes they’ve compensated with dozens of ways to get free Gold and Sweep Coins.

Also, don’t forget to keep an eye on this piece, since the moment a fresh ducky promo code appears, I’ll make sure to put it out for you guys.

LuckyLand Slots No Deposit Bonus

The first and the most important LuckyLand Slot bonus to grab is a no-deposit sign-up bonus of 7,777 Gold Coins and 10 Sweep Coins. I see it as a great start to your online sweepstake slot experience. And the best thing of all โ€“ you don’t need to go down the ID verification route and there isn’t any gatekeeping promo code in order to get it.

Just fill in your key info details and the LuckyLand slot no deposit bonus will be sitting in your account!

LuckyLand Slots Welcome Bonus

There’s a second most important bonus you must know of โ€“ the LuckyLand Slots Welcome Bonus. With your first purchase of their promo coin package (the 50,000 Gold Coins), you get 10 free Sweeps coins โ€“ all for $4.99!

Besides the hefty Lucky Land slot welcome bonus, different small coin package promotions will spontaneously appear during your slot gambling experience on the platform. So make sure you catch those, too, if youโ€™re out of coins. They’re only available for a couple of hours and disappear forever. Remember โ€“ no purchase necessary rule applies here as well.

LuckyLand Slots Bonuses & Promotions

Besides those key bonuses, there are also these LuckyLand promotions you do not want to miss out:

๐ŸŽLuckyLand Slots Promotions
4h Bonus400 free GC every 4h
FB account connect6,000 free Gold Coins
Daily login0.1 free Sweeps Coins
Tournament bonuses every hourFree 1,000,000+ GC
VIP coin purchase bonusFree GC with % increase
Level-up bonusFree GC with every level-up
Daily bonus dealsFree SC included
In-mail bonus rewards and dealsNumerous free GC
Weekly social media promotionsPromo-related free GC

Rule of thumb โ€“ After grabbing the main five bonuses, always keep your browser and email notifications turned on. I know it sounds counterintuitive at first, thanks to all the spamming and ad trauma we’ve been through, but these types of social sweepstake slot casinos like to hide the juiciest bonuses in their email messages. The same applies to their Facebook page. Before any big promotions or tournaments happen, they announce it on their FB page, so you can grab it before anyone else.

LuckyLand Slots Games

LuckyLand Slot Casino is one of the online sweepstake platforms that specializes explicitly in social slots. That’s what I like about them. Just from their name, you immediately know what games you’re gonna play, either Hold-n-Spins, Progressive Jackpots or Win Multipliers. There isn’t any second-guessing like with other social sweepstake casinos! 100+ free-to-play sweepstake slots games are the main core of this casino.

But there is a slight hiccup in LuckyLands Slot games. You see, they’ve included a Tables Games section. When you click on it, you might wonder, “Hey, there might actually be dozens of table games to explore as well?!” Wrong! You’ll see only one table game available โ€“ Big Hit Blackjack. It leaves that head-scratching โ€˜Why?โ€™ look on your face.

Besides that slight torn in the sweepstake-slot-eye, there are three key game categories to know of:

LuckyLand Slot Game

LuckyLand Slot Jackpot Games

These are your LuckyLand slot games made for players who dream big and aim for that sweet ever-increasing jackpot amount. Some of the 21 sweepstake jackpot slot titles are:

  • Crown of Fire
  • Power of Ra
  • Aztec Quest 10k ways
  • Stellar Wilds

LuckyLand Slot Tournaments

Do you like the social sweepstake component? You’re one of those slot players who like the taste of competition? This slot game category is just for you! But there’s a twist โ€“ LuckyLand Slot tournaments aren’t in days or weeks; they’re in 1-hour sequences. Whoever gets to the top receives 1,00,000 free Gold Coins and up. Or 100 free Sweeps Coins. Some of the 10-slot tournament games are:

  • Lucky Duck
  • Oasis of Wilds
  • Gallery of Ghouls
  • Snow Queen 2

LuckyLand Slot Instant Win Games

Instant Win slot games are made for those who like small but tiny wins. If you’re not shooting for the stars from the get-go but rather want to build your Gold Coins to it, these games are just right for you. Most of them have a medium volatility with a minimum of 1,000 Gold Coins for a spin. Some of my favorite form 17 instant win slot game titles are:

  • Cheeky Tiki Instant Win
  • Adios Pinata
  • Feed the Dragon
  • Lucky Wheel Instant Win

Expert Thoughts: Every slot game you play has a special encryption number in the bottom left corner. With an encrypted number LuckyLand Slots casino ensures that your communication with the game through web UI is even more secure, besides the regular SSL web-page certificate. Also, one of the key features on which LuckyLand Slot casino did an amazing job is including an Info card on every slot game. It includes Volatility level, specific game features, and minimum play amount. That’s how you do a proper sweepstake slot game differentiation in my book!

LuckyLand Slots Tiers

LuckyLand Slots Currencies

There are two main sweepstake slot currencies in the LuckyLand game system โ€“ Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins.

Gold Coins are your regular normy sweepstake casino currency. You can’t redeem them for real cash prizes since they have no monetary value. However, they are the main comment of all the tournaments, jackpots, and weekly deals.

Sweeps Coins is where the money’s at! Every SC is redeemable for real-world cash at a 1 SC = $ 1 rate. The more you play with them, the more SC you’ll win and reach that minimum withdrawal threshold amount.

Expert Thoughts: Note that Sweeps Coins can’t be used until you reach the third level in the casino. I see it as another form of security measure LuckyLand added. But don’t worry; level 3 is achieved within an hour of gameplay.

LuckyLand Slots Currency

Can You Win Real Money on LuckyLand Slots?

Yes, the great part of LuckyLand Slots casino is that it has both the social free-to-play component and the redeemable cash prizes currency. It’s like they figure out the perfect cocktail mix of sweepstake slots gambling!

LuckyLand Slots Redemption Methods

So how do you withdraw your Sweeps Coins? First, you need to satisfy the main threshold of a minimum of 50 SC. The moment you reach that threshold, you can redeem your Sweeps Coins and have the amount sitting in your bank account the next day.

Another perk I love about LuckyLand and their whole mindset about sweepstake security is their use of Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). A highly secure payment protocol that lets you redeem your cash prizes straight to the bank. Also, besides linking your bank account, you can connect your Skrill Wallet account and have your cash prizes deposited there.

Payment Methods on LuckyLand Slots Casino

If you want to take advantage of the LuckyLand Slot Welcome Bonus of 50,000 Gold Coins and free 10 SC, you have several payment options:

  • Online Banking โ€“ Using your regular brick-and-mortar banking protocol
  • Skrill Wallet โ€“ Extremely fast and super convenient
  • Payment gift cards โ€“ A new payment approach that gives you a dose of privacy
  • Credit cards

Taking not having the crypto payment option aside, LuckyLand Slots, with every coin package purchase, levels your account in the VIP section. The more you level up in the VIP rank, the more coin package discounts you get. I’m talking triple-digit discounts!

LuckyLand Slots Store

Can You Play LuckyLand Slots Casino on Mobile?

Yes and no. You see, LuckyLands Slots put the “Get the Android App” button when at the side of their web UI loading screen. It’s pretty hard to miss. So when you click on it, you arrive on a page that’s not Google Play or App Store. It’s a static page that redirects you back to the LuckyLand Slots main web interface. That’s some weird, not well done, not cool web sweepstakes wizardry. Not cool LuckyLands!

LuckyLand Slots Homepage

Customer Support on LuckyLand Slots

Reaching LuckyLand Slots customer support is done through your average Submit request form or through Despite being 24/7 available to your every question or issue there isn’t a direct way of having live agent assistance.

Another thing to know about LuckyLand Slots’ customer support is their incredibly well-documented FAQ section. Complaint Board (a reputable online platform that gives you a better holistic view of the sweepstake casino customer support) gave the LuckyLand Slots 91% trustworthiness. Sure, they need to improve their customer resolution time, like most social sweepstake casinos out there. Since being launched in 2019, I believe their customer support is still relatively new and developing and needs a bit more time to get to the pro level.

Pros & Cons of Playing on LuckyLand Slots

Fast game load timeNo Spin Bonuses
Great FAQ sectionNo live customer support chat
100+ slots + numerous scratchie gamesNo mobile app
18 years old entryNo liver dealer, fish, or video poker games
Highly-secure and smooth web UINot available in Washington, Idaho, and Michigan State
Every game has an info section + multiplier
Redeemable cash prizes

User Reviews of LuckyLand Slots

I love it when a social sweepstake casino has a strong community-building component, and proudly celebrate their player’s wins. That’s the case with LuckyLand Slots!

LuckyLand Slots Reviews

Their community programs like Million Buck Ducks, Lucky Duck of the Month, and Lucky Duck Bragging Rights really build up the community and strong LuckyLand brand image. But don’t believe me – Their 5-star 140+ reviews speak for themselves!

LuckyLand Slots Trustpilot Review

Is LuckyLand Slots Legit?

Yes, LuckyLand Slots is 100% legit! Exploring their web UI, besides having the built-in web page SSL certificate, I noticed on every level that LuckyLand Slots added some type of extra security. Be it each slot gameplay encryption, secured cloud DNS server, photo, ID, and address verification.

So far, digging through the LuckyLand Slots’ web platform, I didn’t find any game errors, loopholes, secret cheat codes, or any inconveniences. And if you’ve read any of my other previous sweepstake casino reviews, you’d know I love digging through those!

LuckyLand Slots Secure

Do We Recommend LuckyLand Slots?

Thanks to its great community building and social tournament programs, clear gameplay info and stats, low cash prize redemption threshold, and fast game load time, LuckyLand Slots casino gets the ‘Highly recommended!’ badge!

Taking aside that their slightly misleading mobile app redirect page needs adjusting and customer support improving, LuckyLand Slots found itself a place on my top 10 social sweepstake slot casinos. Right next to TaoFortune,, DoubleDown, and MyJackpot casino.

So don’t forget to check out those awesome sweepstake casino reviews as well. You never know what amazing sign-up and welcome bonuses hide there!

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