Funrize Promo Codes

Written by: Ross Timmins
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Updated: April 10, 2024

Funrize Promo Code

The Funrize Casino promo code allows you to get ahead of the curve and begin your sweepstake casino adventures the proper way. By claiming a promo code for Funrize, you can get additional TRN coins to enjoy your favorite slots and fish games.

In addition to a sign-up and a Funrize welcome bonus, the casino also offers a ton of other bonuses, such as a refer-a-friend bonus, a mail-in bonus, and social media giveaways, to name a few.

400,000 Coins + 1,000 Entries

To help you start claiming all the juicy bonuses, we’ll quickly go over Funrize Casino promo codes and tell you everything you need to know about them.

Moreover, we’ll cover all of the casino’s bonuses and promotions, show you how to claim them, and even give you a few tips on how to make the best use of your bonus coins.

🎰Funrize Casino
🏛️OwnerA1 Development, LLC
✍️Sign-Up Bonus400,000 TRN Coins + 1,000 Entries
📜Funrize Promo Code❌No Available Promo Code
📱Mobile App✅Yes, Android & iOS
💳Payment MethodsVisa, Mastercard, Discover, Trustly, PayPal
🎲Games120+ slots, fish games
🔞Legal Age18+
Restricted StatesWashington, Idaho, Wyoming

What Are Promo Codes for Funrize?

Funrize Casino
400,000 Coins +


    Legal & Licensed In
    Validated On
    May 21, 2024.
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    Funrize promo codes are a set of numbers and letters that work like sign-up or welcome bonuses. Whenever you apply a bonus code, you will receive additional gold coins, sweepstakes coins, or even a first-purchase bonus, depending on the casino and the promo code itself.

    You can apply a bonus code either during the registration process, when making a deposit, or after registering by visiting the casino’s promo section — the process will vary from one sweepstakes casino to another.

    While there is no Funrize Casino promo code that you can claim at the moment, the good news is that you can reap the benefits of the sign-up bonus without entering a promo code — simply follow our link and create an account at Funrize Casino.

    Funrize Register

    Funrize Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes

    400,000 Coins + 1,000 Entries

    There’s no Funrize no deposit bonus codes at the moment. However, there’s no reason to worry since the only thing you’ll have to do to claim the sign-up bonus is to create an account and register.

    The easiest way to do that is to simply follow our exclusive link, fill in the necessary information, and register, and you will receive 400,000 Tournament Coins or TRN which work just like your standard gold coins + 1,000 free Entries (sweeps coins).

    Once you claim the sign-up bonus, you can use the extra coins however you see fit and enjoy more than 120 games Funrize has in its game library, including popular titles like Thunder Fishing, Cactus Riches, and African King.

    Funrize Promo Codes for Welcome Bonus

    funrize casino first purchase offer

    As is the case with the Funrize no deposit bonus codes, there is no code for the Funrize welcome bonus. For the time being, at least. But the good news is that you can still claim the welcome bonus as soon as you finish the registration process and verify your account.

    The welcome bonus at Funrize Casino works like a first-purchase bonus, and you can get:

    • 360,000 TRN + 1,680 PE for purchasing a $11.99 package
    • 1,100,000 TRN + 3,600 PE for purchasing a $19.99 package (Best Offer) including the Personal Promo bonus!

    Of course, there are plenty of other packages you can purchase.

    funrize casino bonus packages 2024

    To take advantage of the welcome offer, simply navigate to the casino’s main page, then click on the button labeled “Buy” in the top right corner that will lead you to the casino’s shop. Once there, select the package you want to purchase and the payment method you want to use, and you’re good to go.

    Other Funrize Casino Promo Codes for Regular Promotions

    If you’re a fan of juicy promotions, then you’re in for a treat at Funrize Casino. Apart from the sign-up and welcome bonuses, Funrize offers a slew of other rewarding promotions, like Funrize free sweeps none of which require a promo code.

    Eager to get started? Here are some of the bonuses you can claim at Funrize Casino right now.

    Daily Wheel Spin

    Instead of a traditional fixed daily login bonus, Funrize Casino allows you to spin the wheel every 24 hours for a chance to obtain additional tournament coins and free entries.

    To unlock the wheel, all you’ll have to do is verify your phone number, which you can easily do by selecting the Daily Wheel on the left-hand side of the menu, clicking on “Verify,” and entering the code you will receive via SMS once you provide your phone number.

    Funrize Daily Wheel

    The rewards you can win via the Daily Wheel Spin bonus vary based on your current Funrize Club tier — the higher you are ranked, the better the rewards, and the most loyal Funrize Casino club members can win up to 225,000 TRN + 500 PE with a single spin.

    Refer-a-Friend Bonus

    Funrize Casino has one of the best refer-a-friend bonuses on the market and allows both you and the friend you refer to win rewards. By referring a friend, you will receive 500,000 TRN and 2,000 PE, while your friend will get 400,000 TRN and 500 PE.

    You can invite your friend to join Funrize through a referral link, a QR code, or a promo code that you’ll find by clicking on the Invite Friends button on the menu on the left-hand side.

    Funrize Referral Bonus

    In order to qualify for the bonus, your friend will have to purchase tournament coin packages and spend at least $19.99.

    Mail-in Bonus

    A mail-in bonus allows you to claim free tournament coins and free entries by sending handwritten mail to the casino’s headquarters.

    In order to obtain bonus coins, you’ll have to:

    Funrize Mail-In Bonus

    There are several other requirements you’ll have to fulfill in order to claim the bonus, and you can find them by scrolling to the bottom of the casino’s main page and clicking on Alternative Method of Promotion Entry.

    Once you have your free entry request ready, you can send the mail and you’ll have to address it to Funrize Promotion, Free Entry Request, and send it to:

    A1 Development LLC

    3597 E Monarch Sky Lane Suite 240

    PMB #2940


    Idaho 83646

    The most important thing to remember is that, while you can send multiple requests, you can only send one free entry request per mail.

    Other Promotions

    Funrize has plenty of other promotions and rewarding events that don’t require a Funrize Casino promo code but can net you a hefty chunk of free TRN.

    For example, Funrize Casino has numerous races that work like mini-tournaments — you join a race, play games for the duration of the race, and win rewards based on the number of points you accumulate during the race.

    Funrize Races

    Not only that, but you can get additional TRN and PE through various social media giveaways. Funrize Casino is active on both Facebook and Twitter, so make sure to give the casino a follow and keep your eyes peeled for the next giveaway.

    How to Find the Best Funrize Promo Codes

    As we mentioned earlier, there are no Funrize promo codes available at the moment. However, that might not always be the case.

    Online casinos often add new bonus codes, remove outdated ones, and even change the specifics of welcome bonuses and promotions. Because of that, you should always be on the lookout for the latest deals at Funrize Casino, or any other casino, for that matter.

    The best way to find the latest Funrize promo codes and new deals is through our site — we continuously update our site with the latest information, especially when it comes to bonuses and promotions.

    Additionally, you can follow Funrize Casino on Facebook and Twitter, or you can drop by the casino’s site from time to time and check the promo section to find the hottest new deals.

    How to Use a Funrize Promo Code

    400,000 Coins + 1,000 Entries

    Using a Funrize Casino promo code is as easy as it gets, and there are only a few steps before you can obtain your bonus coins.

    1. Visit the casino’s main page and click on Sign Up at the top right corner or simply follow our link.
    2. Fill in all the necessary information, such as your email and password.
    3. Tick all the boxes and confirm that you are at least 18 years old and that you accept the casino’s Terms and Conditions.
    4. Enter the bonus code in the designated area.

    Aftward, simply click on Join Us to finalize the registration process, and once you’re done, you can complete your profile and verify your email address and phone number — completing each task will get you additional TRN coins.

    The only thing left to do after that is to find a game you like and embark on a thrilling adventure!

    Funrize Casino Eligibility and Wagering Requirements

    Funrize Terms

    Funrize Casino offers only tournament coins as a sign-up bonus, which means there are no wagering requirements attached to the bonus.

    The sign-up bonus is reserved for new players, and everyone can claim the bonus provided you are not from one of the restricted states where Funrize is not available.

    Funrize Casino is restricted in the states of:

    • Washington
    • Idaho
    • Wyoming

    The only other requirement is that you are 18 years of age or older.

    Top Strategies for Using Funrize Casino Promo Codes

    Obtaining bonus coins and building up a hefty bankroll at Funrize Casino is relatively easy — after all, with so many bonuses and promotions available at Funrize, you’ll hardly ever end up with no balance in your casino account.

    However, if you want to make the most of the coins you have and even make a little extra, we have a few tips and tricks that might help you out.

    Set a Budget Limit

    Bankroll management is one of the most basic and most important strategies used by experienced casino players. While it won’t help you make any extra coins directly, it will help you not lose everything in a single session and make a profit in the long run.

    To make the most of bankroll management, simply set a budget and bet small portions of it. Of course, the most important part of bankroll management is that you always stick to your budget.

    Capitalize on Promotional Events

    In addition to all the standard bonuses, online casinos often add new bonuses and limited-time offers during seasonal events and special occasions, such as anniversaries, birthdays, and more.

    In order to make the most of it, make sure to stay informed and keep track of all the latest bonuses and promotions available at Funrize Casino. After all, the more bonuses you can claim, the more extra coins you’ll have and more chances to make a profit.

    Play Games with Low House Edge

    Every casino game has either an RTP or a house edge, which represents the casino’s advantage over the player. Naturally, the lower the house edge, the better your odds against the casino, which is why you should stick to casino games with a low house edge, such as blackjack, baccarat, and video poker, for example.

    The same principle can be applied when playing slots — play slot games with plenty of bonus features and an RTP of 96% or higher.

    Time Gameplay Strategically

    Funrize Casino offers daily races and tournaments, and the best way to make the most of your time is to play during an active race event. To win a race, the only thing you’ll have to do is accumulate the most points, which you can do by simply playing your favorite casino games.

    That way, you can kill two birds with one stone — you will be able to win coins by playing games and you will also get extra coins by placing high on the leaderboards during the race.

    Pros & Cons of Using Funrize Casino Promo Codes

    Bonuses are rewarded automaticallyThe sign-up bonus offers only TRN
    You can redeem refer-a-friend and mail-in bonuses multiple timesPromo codes can be hard to find
    No wagering requirements
    Extremely easy to use
    No deposits are required
    Available for every game


    Even though there’s no Funrize promo code no deposit up for grabs at the moment, we can safely say that Funrize is one of the best sweepstakes casinos around that offers plenty of bonuses and recurring promotions to choose from.

    On top of that, Funrize Casino has a modest library of slot titles and relaxing fishing games, making it an ideal place for anyone ready to fall in love with games like Fishing Kingdon, Big Catch Bonanza, and Carnival Cat. Read our blog if you have any remaining doubts about the legitimacy of Funrize Casino.


    • What is the Funrize free money code?

      Funrize Casino doesn’t have a free money code at the moment. However, you can use our exclusive link to register at Funrize, which will net you 400,000 TRN + 1,000 free Entries.

    • How do you get free coins on Funrize?
      There are plenty of ways you can get free coins on Funrize — you can do it via the sign-up bonus, by taking advantage of the first-purchase welcome bonus, or through many other promotions and events Funrize has to offer, such as the Funrize Wheel, mail-in bonus, and refer-a-friend bonus, to name a few.
    • Does Funrize really pay?
      Absolutely! You can switch between free play and tournament mode, which will allow you to win additional tournament coins that you can redeem for real money prizes.
    • Is Funrize Casino legit?

      Yes, Funrize Casino is legit. Funrize Casino operates under sweepstakes laws and is available throughout the country, apart from the States of Washington, Wyoming, and Idaho.

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    400,000 Coins + 1,000 Entries