Bingo Bling Promo Code

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Bingo Bling Promo Code

This is a decent app for all Bingo enjoyers to play for fun and real cash prizes. It is available for both Android and iOS.

Singing up to the casino gives you $0.15, and your first deposit is matched by 33% once you spend $30 in the app without using a Bingo Bling promo code. You can also earn money by referring friends through the referral system, and you will get $10 for every friend that spends $10.

There are a lot of bonuses that you can take advantage of, as well as Bingo Bling promo codes that we will discuss in further detail in this review.

Bingo Bling Info

The platform was developed by Game Story, and Bingo Bling acts as a real money app for mobile devices that allows players to play both free and paid bingo games through it.

The game follows the traditional rules of bingo, where you have to complete your bingo card before your opponent or before the 3-minute timer runs out. While there is randomness in the game, you can utilize your speed and skill to match the announced balls on your card. Another layer of mastering the game is using power-ups to increase your winnings even further.

The ratings for the app seem to be quite positive, but there are negative reviews from users who happened to experience game crashes and a loss of their winnings, which is a bit of a red flag.

Another issue that people seem to have is that cashing out can be quite a chore as you are required to earn a certain amount of real money before cashing out, and the bonuses you get throughout the playthrough do not count toward this.

🎱Bingo Bling
🏛️OwnerGame Story
📅Release Date2022
📱Available DevicesiOS (App Store), Android (APK)
🆓Free to Play✅Yes
💰Cash Games✅Yes
✍️Welcome Bonus$30 cash + $10 bonus cash + 1,000 gems when you spend $30
🎁No Deposit Bonus$0.15
🎲Games AvailableBingo
💵Currencies UsedGems (Free Play), Cash
💳Payment MethodsApple Pay, Credit Card, PayPal
🔞Legal Age18+
Restricted StatesAZ, AR, CT, DE, IA, KY, MD, LA, SC, VT, and TN

Are There Bingo Bling Promo Codes?

Bingo Bling Casino

Yes, there are indeed Bingo Bling promo codes, which can give players access to much of anything related to the app. This can be useful, like cash you can wager in tournaments, but it can also be a matching deposit code, which is not bad but not as exciting.

Getting a promo code from the official source usually requires you to tag some friends, do a puzzle like spotting a difference, answer some kind of question, etc. The promo codes obtained this way are a mystery and are sent out via e-mail by the developer. There are at least eight promo codes each month.

Of course, once someone receives a code, they can share it on social media, and if they are reusable, you can know what they are immediately without having to wait and see if it is a code for gems or cash.

How to Use Bingo Bling Casino Promo Codes?

To redeem a promo code for Bingo Bling, all you have to do is open the shop area and tap on the Promo Code button. There, tap on the area where you can enter the code, and once you enter it, hit confirm. Many codes are usable multiple times, so do not hesitate to try out any code for Bingo Bling you happen to stumble on while browsing the internet.

Where to Find Bingo Bling Promo Codes?

The biggest and best place to get promo codes in the form of discounts, free cash, gems, and perhaps even power-ups is to lurk through the social media pages related to this app. Even as a free player, checking out some of these will save you from watching ads, as watching ads in the form of videos can be quite annoying when you are focused on winning.

Checking out websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, and similar services is where people or developers post promo codes for Bingo Bling all the time. It is advised to use #BingoBling when searching for promo codes.

Bingo Bling Bonuses

Bingo Bling No Deposit Bonus

The first Bingo Bling promotion you will get a chance to claim is the no deposit bonus, which involves only creating an account and playing your first game of bingo. This will give you $0.15, and in addition to this bonus, you can use someone’s promo code to gain $5 when you purchase $10 with your first deposit.

Bingo Bling Welcome Bonus

Purchasing $30 for the first time will make you eligible for the welcome bonus promo code, which will give you $30 cash + $10 bonus + 1000 Gems. This offer can be claimed within 24 hours of signing up, and it is technically a 33% deposit match bonus.

Other Bingo Bling Promotions

There are some standard Bingo Bling promotions that you should keep in mind when creating a new account or making deposits.

Daily Bonus

Another useful promo code for Bingo Bling is its daily bonus, where all you have to do is open the app and navigate to the Gifts section. Just hit the Collect button there, and you can earn gems and cash. This section works on a daily login bonus program, where you gain $1 on day 2, $2 on day 5, and $3 on day 7.

Special Offer

Spending $20 will net you an extra $8 and 1200 Gems without using a coupon.

Discount Packages

Similar to the previous promo code, the bigger the purchase you make in one go, the bigger the amount you will receive as a bonus. Depositing $15 will give you $17; $25 will give you $30, and so on.

Referral Bonus

If you have some friends who would like to play Bingo, or if you want them to join you, this can give you free money. All you have to do is find your referral code and give it to your friend, and when they spend $10 for the first time, you will get $10, too!

Bingo Bling Table Play

How to Join Bingo Bling?

Registering on Bingo Bling is extremely easy. First, you have to download the app from the Apple App Store by searching for Bingo Bling: Real Cash Money. For Android users, you will have to download the APK from the official site by scanning the QR code on the site.

Once you install the app, all you have to do is type in your desired username and then complete a quick tutorial against an AI opponent, after which you get to participate in the free tournament.

With the free tournament concluded, you finally get access to the main dashboard, where you can play games for free by using gems, and you can also make a deposit to participate in cash games.

How Does Bingo Bling Work?

This app is quite straightforward. It is a simple game of Bingo, where you have 3 minutes to complete your bingo card. As the announcer yells the numbers, you have to check your card and see if they match. There are also power-ups to spice things up.

Naturally, you might already be familiar with Bingo, and all you care about is the competitive side of the app. We’ve got you covered. The payout on Bingo Bling might repel inexperienced players away, as it is not too great.

Most games will pay you from $3 to $10 if you end up winning, and you have to keep in mind that there is also an entry fee to enter the tournaments that have these rewards. On top of that, Bingo Bling takes a big part of the tournament prize pool – 28.5%, to be precise. That is quite a lot.

Can You Play Bingo Bling on Mobile?

Considering that Bingo Bling is only available through the iOS App Store and through an APK file for Android, you can play Bingo Bling on your mobile device. The hardware requirements are not steep at all, so you do not need the latest phone to run this app.

How to Redeem Winnings on Bingo Bling?

Cashing out is done in USD. To cash out on Bingo Bling, you will need to have at least $2 in your account. Whenever you win some games, the money should automatically be deposited into your Bingo Bling account (for some tournaments, it can take a couple of days). If you are playing for gems, everything is automatic, and you cannot cash them out, as they are the currency used for fun (free play).

There are three different options to pick from when cashing out:

  • Apple Pay
  • Credit Cards
  • PayPal

To cash out, navigate to “Account,” then select “Withdraw,” and choose how you want to withdraw your winnings.

If you withdraw less than $10, you will receive a $1 fee. The whole should take around 1-3 business days, but some users have reported it can take longer than that.

Bingo Bling Game Score

Eligibility and Requirements

Since the app is available only for portable devices, you will need a compatible device with an Android or iOS operating system. The app is not intensive from the perspective of hardware requirements, so if you have a device that can run one of the latest operating systems, you should be fine. Note that you can run this app on any device that can run these operating systems; it does not have to be a mobile device.

Of course, besides the hardware requirements, there are also some legal requirements. To play games on this app legally, you must be at least 18 years old. The trickier part of legal eligibility is the restrictions in the US states, as there are 11 restricted states (AZ, AR, CT, DE, IA, KY, MD, LA, SC, VT, and TN).

There is also the matter of being eligible to cash out regarding bonuses. All bonuses have a 1x wagering requirement, which might sound easy on paper, but in practice, you will find it rather difficult unless you are a Bingo prodigy.

Pros & Cons of Playing on Bingo Bling

Easy sign-upYou need to wager your own money to earn
Numerous cash-out options$1 fee on cashouts under $10
Minimum cash out islLowAndroid requires an APK download
Free to playApp is known to crash mid-game

Our Thoughts on Bingo Bling

For those looking for an app where they can enjoy a mix of gambling and skill while playing exclusively bingo games and nothing else, Bingo Bling is a decent app. Whether you are interested in playing for free and using gems to participate in tournaments, or if you are down for cash prizes only, this app is good for both spectrums, especially considering how easy the app is.

The negatives are that even if some skill is involved, earning money through this app is not as easy as some reviews on the App Store would claim, as cashing out does not count in the full bonuses. On top of that, there are also potential game crashes, which are not fun if they are present on your device.

If this all sounds risky to you, there is always Bingoport, a casino platform known to have better winnings, stability, and customer service, as they have been in business for years.

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