Online Scratch Cards in Sweepstakes Casinos

Written by: Ana Maria Fucek
Fact checked by Jon Ridehalgh  
Updated: March 18, 2024

Scratchcards Sweeps Casinos

Online scratchcards are a popular choice among casino players due to their simplicity and thrilling playstyle — with just a click of a button, you can instantaneously reveal the outcome of your scratch card game. On top of that, online scratch cards offer you the opportunity to land a huge win, so what’s there not to like?

In today’s time, there are plenty of sweepstakes casinos where you can enjoy your favorite online scratchies, all of which offer games from reputable software providers, such as Hacksaw Gaming and Pragmatic Play. Some even include original bespoke titles.

Stick around to find out what are some of the top casinos to play the best scratch card games and how to play them. To help you get started, we’ll also go over some of the basic strategies to help you win at scratch card games, the odds of winning at scratch games, and much more.

What Are Scratchcards?

Physical scratchcards date back to the 1970s when Scientific Games Corporation produced the first generation of instant win games. Every card came with predetermined results, be it a set of numbers or matching symbols that were covered by a thin layer you’d have to scratch off to reveal the results, which is how scratchcards got their name.

When it comes to online scratch cards, the principle is pretty much the same. However, you don’t have to buy scratch cards online and scratch them off yourself, but enjoy the completely digital and streamlined process.

Lost Vegas Zombies Scratch

You can come across plenty of different versions of scratch card games – from the most basic ones requiring you to match three symbols or three numbers of the same value to win a prize to more complex ones with additional features.

Top Sweepstake Casinos to Play Scratch Cards Online

🎰Casino✍️Sign Up Bonus🃏Scratch Card Games
Stake.us10,000 GC + 1 SC10
Pulsz5,000 GC + 2.3 SC6
Golden Hearts Games$5 No Deposit5
Pulsz Bingo5,000 GC + 2 SC6

An important thing to note is that some online sweepstake casinos offer even more scratch card games, which are unlocked by either verifying your account or making a gold coins purchase and unlocking the sweepstakes mode. However, we’ve focused only on the number of games you can play entirely for free and without having to make a purchase.

367,000 GC + 32.3 Free SC
10,000 GC & 1 Free Stake Cash on Sign-Up

Additionally, most sweepstakes casinos continuously add new games to their libraries, so make sure to always keep your eyes peeled for the latest additions and new scratch card games.

Types of Scratchcards Available

With the rising interest in online scratchcards in sweepstake casinos, there has been some categorization into specific scratchcard types. And with so many different titles available, this might even come in handy when choosing which game to go with.

Instant Win Scratchcards

As you can guess by the name, this scratchcard type is one and done. Once you click on the Play button, you’ll instantly see whether you’ve won something as all the covered spaces appear ASAP, like many titles on the Scratch Carnival platform. Although they’re incredibly simple to master and play, they do not come with second tries – what you scratch off the first time is what you get.

Casino Game Scratchcards

Some scratchcard developers tend to create scratchcard games that mimic table games, like poker, roulette, or blackjack. You’ll also find those that appear like a bingo game, where, for example, you need to land matching numbers in order to win. For a blackjack scratcher, you would scratch off the fields to see if your hand beats the dealers. However, if you prefer trying your hand at a real bingo game, opt for Bingo Blitz.

Multiple Chances Scratchcards

As opposed to instant win scratchcard games, multiple-chances scratchcards allow users more than one chance to win. What you’ll find most often with this scratchcard type is that players will get many opportunities to scratch off the fields and find a symbol that matches their own.

Payline Scratchcards

If you’re both a scratchcard and slots lover, then this scratchcard type will interest you the most as it shares the most similarities with slots. You’ll need to match multiple symbols in a row to trigger a payout, which ultimately builds suspense like slots do while you’re scratching off that last field.

Progressive Jackpot Scratchcards

It’s not only slots that come with a progressive jackpot but scratchcards as well! In some cases, you can contribute to the overall scratchcard jackpot by simply purchasing a scratchcard. The jackpot grows until a lucky someone hits the winning combinations.

Online Scratch Card Games

Ready to start scratching? Here’s our top 10 list of the best scratch off games in sweepstakes casinos:

🃏Scratch Card Name🎯Max Payout💯DifficultyWhere to Play?
Hot Safari ScratchcardUp to 30,000HardPulsz, Pulsz Bingo
Cash CowUp to 2,500,000EasyGolden Hearts Games
7 Piggies ScratchcardUp to 5,000EasyPulsz, Pulsz Bingo
Scratch Platinum ($500,000 Jackpot)1,000x
Scratch a Million 25,000x
Queen of GoldUp to 30,000MediumPulsz, Pulsz Bingo
Wolf Gold ScratchcardUp to 1,000,000HardPulsz, Pulsz Bingo
Scratch PokerUp to 2,500,000HardGolden Hearts Games
Cash Mania Scratch GameUp to 2,500,000EasyGolden Hearts Games

How to Play Online Scratch Cards?

To play scratch cards online, you’ll first have to choose an online sweepstake casino from the list above and create an account. However, the entire process is relatively simple, and it’ll take you a few minutes at most.

  1. Click on the Sign Up or Register button in the top right corner.
  2. Enter all the required information and create an account.
  3. If the casino requires it, verify your account, email, or identity.
  4. Claim the sign up bonus. Remember that some casinos automatically apply the sign up bonus coins to your account.
  5. Navigate to the games section and pick the scratch card game you want to play.

Sign Up Account

Gameplay & Bonus Features in Scratchcard Games

Some scratchcard games come with special features, for example, re-scratches and prize boosters. It’s such gameplay that makes users want to come back and want to play again. Just make sure to double-check the rules before you play to avoid any confusion.

When it comes to bonus features in scratchcard games, pay close attention to special symbols. Such symbols aid your gameplay by unlocking bonus gems or additional prizes that help you win big.

As far as the gameplay itself, the rules will mostly vary between scratch card games online you choose to play. However, as we mentioned earlier, the basic idea is to match 3 symbols — you’ll have to either connect 3 symbols or land them anywhere on the screen.

To play scratch cards online, you’ll first have to:

  1. Pick a game you want to play.
  2. Set your deposit.
  3. Click the button to land a new set of symbols.
  4. Scratch off the symbols to reveal whether you landed the winning combination.
  5. Rinse and repeat.

Believe it or not, playing online scratch cards is that simple!

Of course, some games are a tad more complex, which is why you should always check the paytable and get familiar with the basics before you start playing. Plus, you will also get to learn more about the game itself, the value of the symbols and the potential payout, as well as the game’s RTP.

367,000 GC + 32.3 Free SC
10,000 GC & 1 Free Stake Cash on Sign-Up

Can You Use Bonuses on Scratchcards?

Unlike many traditional online casinos, sweepstakes casinos do not restrict players from using bonuses and promotions on whatever game they feel like. In other words, you can use bonus gold coins or sweepstakes coins to play any game available at the casino, scratchcards included.

Golden Hearts Games

The main difference between the two is that sweepstakes casinos do not have high wagering requirements. Many online casinos operating under the sweepstakes model have a wagering requirement of only 1x, after which you can redeem sweepstakes coins for real money prizes.

The best part about sweepstakes casino bonuses is that there is a ton of them! For example, some of the most frequent bonuses you can find at sweepstakes casinos are bonuses like:

Of course, make sure to check out the casino’s terms and policies before you start playing scratch cards online. Even though the majority of sweepstakes casinos won’t restrict you from using bonuses on scratchcard games, some casinos offer bonuses for specific games only, so make sure to always read the fine print.

Scratchcards Strategies to Win

Scratch card games are games of luck, so the outcome of every new round boils down to just that, a little bit of luck. Of course, there still are a few things you can do to slightly increase the odds of you winning. To help you make the most out of your time playing scratch cards online, we’ve prepared a few tips and tricks that might help you win.

Pick a Game That Suits You

Scratch card games are relatively simple, and you shouldn’t have any difficulties quickly learning the ropes. However, some games have advanced features, which may make the game more interesting for you or even increase your chances of winning.

The good news is that most sweepstakes casinos allow you to freely swap between the gold coins and the sweepstakes mode. In other words, you’ll have plenty of time to play the games for fun and find the one that suits you before you start playing seriously.

Pay Attention to Volatility

As is the case with most casino games, scratchcards have a different hit frequency. Scratchies with low volatility usually pay out more often, but the wins are generally small and a portion of your initial bet.

On the other hand, highly volatile scratchies have the potential for a massive payout. The downside is that you might end up without landing a win for quite a while and run out of gold coins before you do. Because of that, highly volatile scratch card games are much more suited for customers with a larger casino balance and plenty of coins to play with.

Pace Your Betting

Whether you’re playing scratchies with low or high hit frequency, the best way to make the most out of your bonuses is to bet moderately. Every scratch card game allows you to adjust the size of your bet. Instead of spending your entire balance on a few attempts, it’s much more efficient to take your chances until you land a hefty payout.

What Are the Odds to Win Playing Scratchcards?

The odds of winning scratch card games vary from one game to another. As is the case with virtually every casino game, scratchcards have an RTP or a house edge, both of which represent the casino’s edge over the player.

Silver Scratch

RTP stands for return to player, and it represents the amount of money you are supposed to win back after betting $100. For example, if you’re playing a game with an RTP of 96%, you’re expected to win $96 after wagering $100, which is how online casinos make money in the long run.

Of course, in the short run, we all know that you can always beat the odds, which is one part that makes casino games exciting — you can check the house edge of an RTP of any game by accessing the game’s paytable.

Another thing you should take into consideration is the scratchcard’s hit frequency. You can win by playing some scratchcards every second or third round. However, the amount you’d win might be quite low, and you may win only a portion of what you initially bet, whereas the chance to land a huge win might take you a while.

Can You Win Real Money Playing Scratchcards?

Even though sweepstakes casinos do not accept real money wagers, you can still win real money by playing scratch cards online. Virtually every sweepstakes casino has two play modes — the gold coins mode and the sweepstakes coins mode.

Gold coins are a common currency you get at sweepstakes casinos through various bonuses and promotions. If you want, you can also take advantage of the first purchase welcome bonus and buy a gold coins package to boost your balance. You can use gold coins to play sweepstakes casino scratchcards for fun, as well as any other games available at the sweepstakes casino.

Sweepstakes coins are harder to obtain. You can still get them through bonuses and promotions but in much smaller numbers than the gold coins. Unlike gold coins, you cannot buy sweepstakes coins. However, the biggest difference between the two is that sweepstakes casinos allow you to redeem sweepstakes coins for real money.

So with that in mind, yes, you can win real money playing scratchcards by redeeming sweepstakes coins for gift cards and real cash prizes.

How We Rate Scratchcards Games

It may sound cliche, but not every scratchcard game is created equal, and some scratchies are simply better than the rest. Of course, even though it is mostly all about personal preference, there are a few things we take into consideration when rating scratchcard games.

  • The software provider is one of the most important aspects we like to focus on. Games from reputable software providers are safe and fair, so we always dish out bonus points to games by well-known providers, such as Hacksaw Gaming and Pragmatic Play, to name a few.
  • Design quality is the second feature we consider. We pay attention to the theme, originality, and overall feel of the game. Of course, we also pay close attention to both video and audio quality and, most importantly, how the game plays out on a mobile device.
  • Maximum payout and game features are the last thing we consider. Whether you prefer low or high-volatility scratchies is entirely up to you, but we all like having the chance to win big, so we tend to rate games with high payouts better. Similarly, we also prefer games that have bonus features that can help you make a profit.

Gold Rush Scratchcard

Online Scratch Cards vs Lottery Scratch Cards

As you probably know, lottery scratchcards are predecessors of online scratch offs. You’ll even find online games similar to those scratchcards you can purchase at retail shops or even gas stations. However, there are many differences between the two:

  • Availability: Although you can purchase lottery scratchcards in most states in many retail locations, online scratchcards are definitely more available throughout the US, as players don’t even have to leave their homes.
  • Jackpot potential: Both online and offline scratch cards have jackpot potential; however, lottery scratch offs can ramp up millions of dollars in prizes.
  • Bonuses: Something you won’t find with lottery scratch off cards is the potential to take advantage of bonuses or promotions that can increase your winnings.
  • Bet sizes: With online scratchcards, you can adjust your bet sizes, thus allowing yourself to increase your potential winnings substantially. Unfortunately, that’s not the case with lottery cards.
  • Game choice: Although playing online scratch cards is more convenient, the case is that the choices are not vast in sweepstake casinos. On the contrary, lottery scratchcards come in various numbers, sizes, styles, etc., with even seasonal cards appearing during the holidays.
  • Instant play: Not only are there instant scratchcards, but most online scratch offs are much quicker than lottery scratch cards. You scratch one off and get to the next one immediately, thus streamlining the process.

Final Thoughts

Scratch games are popular because they allow you to win big by betting small. On top of that, they are extremely easy to play, making it a go-to choice for players who want instant wins without having to dive deep into the rules behind every casino game and whatnot.

Nowadays, there are plenty of online scratchcards you can play. Sweepstakes casinos allow you to win real money by playing scratch cards online without having to deposit a single penny.

Eager to get started? Then make sure to check out some of the best sweepstakes casinos around, such as, Pulsz, and Golden Hearts Games, all of which are reputable and trustworthy, and have scratchcard games in their game libraries. And let’s not forget about the hefty sign up bonuses that allow you to jump right into the action.

367,000 GC + 32.3 Free SC
10,000 GC & 1 Free Stake Cash on Sign-Up


  • Which scratch card is most likely to win?
    The outcome of every scratchcard game boils down to luck, so the chances are virtually the same. However, if you want to increase your odds a tiny bit, at least in the long run, you should stick to scratches with a low house edge or a high RTP.
  • Does scratch card pay real money?
    Virtually every sweepstakes casino allows you to exchange sweepstakes coins for real cash prizes, so yes, scratch cards do pay real money. Keep in mind that you can use gold coins to play casino games at sweepstakes casinos for fun only.
  • Can you do scratch cards online?
    There are plenty of sweepstakes casinos that have scratch card games in their library, so yes, you can play scratch cards online. We have included a few sweepstakes casinos that offer scratch card games, so make sure to check them out and claim the sign up bonuses before you start playing.
  • Are online scratchcards legit?
    Online scratchcards are legit, provided you are playing a game from a reputable software provider and in a reputable sweepstakes casino. To help you stay safe, we have included a small list of safe and trustworthy sweepstakes casinos where you can enjoy online scratchcards from some of the best software providers out there.

Meet Ana Maria, a dedicated professional in the dynamic world of sweepstakes. She explores sweepstakes casinos, directs you to the best ones, and simplifies complex casino terminology. Ana is your go-to source for expert guidance on sweepstakes, ensuring an engaging and rewarding gaming experience. Join her for an adventure into the secrets of increasing winnings and savoring the spirit of sweepstakes fun.

367,000 GC + 32.3 Free SC