Fish Table Game Cheats – How To Win On Fish Tables

Written by: Ana Maria Fucek
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Updated: February 2, 2024

Fish Table Games Cheats

Fish table games are an exciting combination of arcade and casino gaming, where all you have to do is fire bullets at different fish species. They are fast becoming a favorite among many players since they rely more on tactical play than luck. However, it is for this same reason that some players are seeking fish table game cheats in hopes of hacking the system without employing the right tactics.

Let me tell you right now that there is no way to cheat a fish table game. These games are designed using highly secure technology that makes cheating impossible. To save you from wasting your time on fish table game secrets that will never work, I will be sharing some highly effective ethical strategies to improve your winning chances and help you land substantial payouts.

Can You Cheat Fish Table Games?

Thunder Fishing Game

Like I said earlier, fish table games are not just about luck. It is about getting savvy with your ammunition, timing your shots right, and staying on top of the game’s rhythm.

If you are used to the simplicity of regular video slots, it can be a bit complex to wrap your head around at first. This explains why some players, eager to outsmart the fish and sidestep the learning curve, go looking for fish table game secrets. However, the hard truth is online casinos use advanced, foolproof software on their games, making them resistant to all the different kinds of cheats you can find online.

Luckily, you do not need a fish table cheat device to win big. You can legally rake in cash just by applying potent fish table game online strategies recommended by our team of experts.

Fish Table Games Basic & Gameplay

Fish table games are arcade-style games where the simple goal is to shoot fish. Unlike most gambling games with outcomes that rely on luck, online fish games require some skill. Some of my favorites include Emily’s Treasure, Golden Dragon, Thunder Fishing, KA Fish Hunter, Fishing Kingdom, and Fish Catch.

The fish table game starts with you being assigned a canon with which you can shoot different underwater creatures. The strength of your bullet depends on the size of your bet, and bigger fish will require more powerful bullets than their smaller counterparts.

Basically, what you want to do is strategically eliminate as many fish as possible using the fewest shots. When you successfully kill a fish, you receive coins based on the fish species and size. The bigger or more exotic the fish, the larger your payout.

Best Strategies to Win on Fish Table Games

Since online fish tables are more tactical than other luck-based casino games, there are several effective tips you can employ to pave your way to big winnings. Here are some of our top strategies:

Only Play Fish Table Titles on Reputable Online Casinos

Whether you are focusing solely on fish tables or exploring a variety of other gambling games, it is always wise to opt for reputable online casino platforms like Fortune Coins or NoLimitCoins Casino. These sites hold licenses from government regulatory authorities and comply with strict standards of game fairness, so you won’t have to worry about playing rigged games.

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While you can practice strategies and hone your skills, it won’t count much in the long run if your chosen casino hosts unfair and imbalanced online games. Additionally, it wouldn’t hurt to choose a fish game casino with a generous deposit bonus so you do not miss the opportunity to earn some free money.

Start by Playing Fish Tables in Demo Mode

When you play a fish table gambling game in demo mode, you give yourself the chance to get a feel of the gameplay and become accustomed to fatally shooting fish without risking real money. See demo mode or free play as a risk-free environment, even at offshore sites like Skills and Slots, where you can apply fish table tips you just picked up and figure out which ones suit you best.

Study Fish Table Games to Understand the Gameplay

An online fish table game may look daunting initially, especially if it’s your first venture into this kind of gaming. There are a bunch of things to unravel, from mastering how to aim your weapon to understanding ammunition costs, different fish species, and the number of bullets required to take down each one. Researching all these factors before you hit the ground running helps you understand what you are getting into, putting you in a better position to win money.

Learn the Relationship between Fish Speed and Size

When playing a fish table game online, note that there is a correlation between fish speed and size. Big fish generally move faster, while small fish adopt a slower pace, making them easier to kill and explaining their lower value.

Once you understand this dynamic, you will naturally begin to shoot slowly for small fish and use fast shooting for larger fish. This will help minimize bullet wastage when shooting fish.

Carefully Weigh Your Choices Before Shooting Bigger Fish

Shooting big fish is a huge risk. Big fish require more ammunition since they move faster and have more strength, so they might cause you to lose many bullets.

Also, if you are playing in multiplayer mode, other players will most likely shoot at the bigger fish, too. But for you to win the prize, the bullets fired at the fish must be yours, and they must not be stray bullets, as fish games do not reward players for stray bullets. It’s best to consider all these factors and the risk-to-reward ratio before aiming at big fish.

That being said, attempting to kill a big fish can be a strategic move, provided you have enough bullets at your disposal.

Try Employing Mustache Tactics

Applying mustache tactics is much more cost-effective than simply trying to shoot big fish. It involves taking advantage of the small angle of your gun barrel, rotating it constantly to shoot one or two bullets in a figure-eight pattern, aiming to kill small fish. And when you see bigger fish, apply the same strategy but with 2 or 3 bigger bullets. This method helps you accumulate coins without necessarily letting go of bigger targets.

Leave the Faraway or Hidden Fish

It is not uncommon to notice a fish hiding behind in-game props like a rock or seaweed. While it might be appealing to target that particular fish, given the likelihood of minimal competition, attempting to shoot hidden fish is difficult and might cost you more bullets than the fish is worth.

Use Your Bullets Wisely

Many fish games offer different kinds of bullets for different prices. Big bullets, for instance, cost more than small bullets, but they pack a bigger punch. If your budget allows, strategically deploy different bullets based on the target. Opt for small or medium bullets when aiming at smaller fish, using them sparingly, as small fish do not pay out as much. Conversely, save the big bullets for agile big fish that promise hefty rewards.

Fishing Kingdom Game

Try Ballpoint Shooting

Ballpoint is a tactic that increases your chance of hitting your target every time you shoot fish. The technique involves shooting a bullet at a nearby wall, ensuring it bounces back onto the fish. As the bullet rebounds, you realign your aim and shoot directly at the fish. This results in the fish being targeted from two opposite directions, reducing its chances of escaping. One downside, however, is that it uses more bullets and is only reliable for attacking small fishes moving slowly.

Shoot the Fish as Soon as They Appear on the Table

Attacking a fish the moment it appears on the table is one of the best fish table game online cheats because it gives more time to fire shots before it crosses the screen.

And if you do not know how to tell when a fish is about to appear, all you need to do is observe. Take a moment to study the online shooting fish game, noting the time intervals between fish appearances. Doing this will allow you to make a rough estimate of when the next fish will surface, giving you a strategic advantage.

Target Fish Table Swarms

Fish swarms in an online fish table game are an excellent opportunity to cash in real money. Because they are so close together, it is cost-effective to open fire on them as soon as you spot them. Another great advantage of fish swarms is that after you kill them, you’re left with a large infected spot that many fish may fall prey to without you having to expend a single bullet.

Where to Play Fish Table Games?

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If you are wondering where to play fish table game online, we’ve got you covered. Although many sweepstakes online casinos claim to offer fish tables, not all of these platforms can be trusted. Not to worry! The table below shows our expert-recommended online casino sites with a variety of exciting fish table games and incredible bonuses to boot. Here you go:

🎰Online Casino✍️Sign-up Bonus🎣Popular Fish Games
Fortune Coins360,000 GC + 1200 FCEmily’s Treasure
Golden Dragon
KA Fish Hunter
King Octopus
Funrize125,000 TRN CoinsFishing Kingdom
Fishing Kingdom Remastered
Thunder Fishing
Candy Heroes
NoLimitCoins Casino100,000 GC + 1,000 SCFishing Kingdom Remastered
Fishing Kingdom
Thunder Fishing
Candy Heroes
TaoFortune88,800 Tao CoinsFishing Kingdom
Thunder Fishing
Candy Heroes
Fishing Kingdom Remastered
Scrooge Casino150k GC + 250 Sweeps TokensHungry Shark
Undersea Treasure
Golden Dragon
Shark Fight


  • How do you win big on the fish table game?
    The best way to win big playing fish table games is to avoid looking for any cheats and hacks but instead employ the laid-out strategies we have above.
  • What are cheat codes for fish games?
    There are no special cheat codes for fish games that you can use to win big.
  • Can you win real money on fish tables?
    Yes, you can win real money playing fish table games on sweepstakes casino sites.
  • What is the mustache technique in fish games?
    The mustache technique in fish games is shooting one or two bullets in a figure-eight pattern by taking advantage of the small angle of your gun barrel.

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