Online Bingo Games in USA 2024

Written by: Jon Ridehalgh
Fact checked by Ana Maria Fucek  
Updated: March 18, 2024

Bingo Games

Bingo has been around for a few centuries, and the game is played in virtually every corner of the world in one form or another. Nowadays, you can even play bingo online from the comfort of your own home and win real cash prizes without even having to spend a dime.

Got your attention? To help you get started, we’ve prepared a brief guide to all things online bingo. We’ll cover the legality of bingo in the country and show you some of the most fun and best bingo online games you can play.

It gets even better, though — our team of experts has curated a list of the top rated bingo sweepstakes sites around so you can hop into the action right away.

How to Play Bingo Online?

Bingo is all about having fun and socializing with other players. Game rules are quite straightforward, so it won’t take you long to get the hang of it, even if you’ve never played online bingo before.

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Here’s how to get started.

  1. Find a reputable bingo casino online.
  2. Create an account and verify it.
  3. Claim the sign up bonus and collect your gold coins.
  4. Find a bingo room and purchase a bingo ticket or a few.
  5. Wait for the game to begin and start playing.
  6. Daub the numbers and collect any winnings if you manage to land a bingo.

That’s all there is to it.

Note that there are several variations of online bingo games, so make sure to understand all the rules before you start playing. Also, the specifics may vary from one bingo site to another, but we’ll focus on the no purchase necessary method we all know and love.

Is Bingo Online Legal in the US?

Online bingo falls under the broader category of online gambling, which means that its legality can vary from one state to another. However, there’s no reason to worry — sweepstakes bingo sites are legal in virtually every corner of the country.

As the name suggests, sweepstakes bingo sites operate under the sweepstakes model. Instead of real money, these sites use virtual currency to operate. Most sweepstakes bingo sites will use gold coins and sweepstakes coins, which you’ll get through bonuses, promotions, and gameplay, meaning you’re never required to make a deposit to play games.

Because of that, and because no real cash is being exchanged directly, sweepstakes bingo sites do not require a traditional online gambling license to operate, making them accessible throughout the country and legal even in states where regular bingo sites aren’t.

Online Bingo Sites That Accept US Players

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Even though there are a ton of online bingo sites around, not every site accepts players from the US. In some cases, you may even encounter offshore bingo sites where you can create an account, make a deposit, and start playing, seemingly without any issue.

However, we advise against it — if the bingo site is not legal in the US, you may run into trouble down the line, especially when you try to collect your winnings and have to verify your identity.

There’s no reason to worry, though. As we mentioned before, you’re everything but out of options, and now that we got online bingo legality out of the way, it’s only fair we show you some of the best bingo online sites around that accept players from the US.

🥇Pulsz Bingo

Pulsz Bingo Casino

Pulsz Bingo is owned and operated by Yellow Social Interactive Limited, the same company that runs Pulsz, one of the best casinos online in the sweeps world. The bingo site launched in 2022, and it is available in every state, apart from Washington, Nevada, Idaho, and Michigan.

Pulsz Bingo offers a no deposit sign up bonus, allowing you to grab 5,000 Gold Coins and 2 Sweepstakes Coins by simply registering and creating an account.

In terms of games, Pulsz Bingo offers 6 bingo games, including titles such as Golden Gate, Big Apple, Snowball Blast, and Route 66, which is free to play. Each of the games has a unique feature to it.

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Bingoport Casino

Bingoport is a go-to place for many online bingo lovers and is available in every state in the US. The site has been around ever since 2021, and it offers a myriad of bonuses and promotions. You can claim 1,500 Port Points for signing up and verifying your account, a daily top-off for players with less than 250 PP.

The best part about Bingoport is its game library — the site offers more than a dozen bingo games, and each room comes with a different entry fee, prizes for winning, and the number of games you’ll have to play in a session.

You can also choose between manual daub and auto daub games, and you can enjoy free games that start every 5 minutes and are available 24/7.

Additional Online Bingo Sites to Join

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In addition to sites that offer online bingo exclusively, you can also play online bingo games at several sweepstakes casinos, which usually offer a ton of other casino-style games in addition to bingo. Of course, keep in mind that these casinos are not focused purely on bingo games and don’t offer traditional online bingo rooms.

🥇Ding Ding Ding

Golden Hearts Games

Ding Ding Ding offers a 100,000 Gold Coins and 5 Sweepstakes Coins sign up offer, which is one of the better sign up deals on the market.

Namely, to access the bingo game, you’ll have to collect bingo balls. You can do that by claiming the daily login bonus or playing slot games available at the site.

Once you have enough bingo balls, you’ll get 3 tickets, and you’ll be able to play a bingo game with an AI. The game requires you to manually daub the numbers, so make sure you’re quick on your fingers!

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🥈Golden Hearts Games

Similarly, Golden Hearts Games is a sweepstakes casino that offers several bingo games. Even though the casino doesn’t have dedicated bingo rooms, you can still enjoy several bingo games, such as Anytime Bingo, Juicy Jackpot Bingo, and Oldschool Video Bingo.

Golden Hearts Games offers a $5 no deposit bonus for anyone who simply signs up. You can also use our exclusive bonus code USGOLD to get an extra $10 in Free Play mode. On top of that, you can send $10 to get another $10 in Free Play, netting you a total of $35 for $10. Doesn’t sound half bad, does it?

Other Free Bingo Apps

Looking for the best bingo app? Luckily, there are many other bingo sites and free bingo apps that you can try. While some of these sites and apps have in-game purchases, all of them are free to download, and you can play various bingo games entirely for free.

  • Bingo Blitz is one of the oldest bingo sites around. It was established in 2011 and has a strong community on Facebook. It allows you to connect via Facebook, Google, or Apple ID and offers a number of promotions, such as daily free coins, surprise gifts, tournaments, and more. Bingo Blitz also has a great bingo game collection with plenty of bingo variants to choose from.
  • Bingo Jungle is an app you can download from Google Play or App Store. The game is free to download and free to play, but it does have in-game purchases. Bingo Jungle isn’t like your traditional bingo, and the game combines the elements of bingo and roulette to create a new way to enjoy bingo.

Boosters Powerful Bingo

  • Blackout Bingo is a fast-paced way to play bingo. Every game lasts around two minutes and allows you to use various boosts and features to complete a bingo. The Blackout Bingo app is available on the App Store or Samsung’s Galaxy Store, and it allows you to win real cash prizes via PayPal or many other rewards.
  • Bingo Bling is available on the App Store and Facebook. It allows you to play bingo games with or against other players, participate in tournaments, and much more. The Bingo Bling app also allows you to win money prizes and claim various free cash bonuses.

Can You Claim Free Bingo Bonuses?

Sweepstakes bingo sites and sweepstakes casinos are riddled with various bonuses and promotions. These are generally available for anyone who can legally play at the bingo site and there are plenty of different ones you can claim.

  • A no deposit offer usually awards gold coins and sweepstakes coins and you can claim the bonus as soon as you create an account. In some cases, you might have to verify your account to get the full amount.
  • The first purchase will get you a discount or bonus coins on your first gold coin package purchase. The bonus is entirely optional since you’re never required to spend any money to play at sweepstakes casinos or sweepstake bingo sites.
  • The refer-a-friend bonus lets you refer friends and get rewards for it. You can usually win up to $20 worth of sweepstakes coins for referring a friend and have them qualify for the bonus.
  • With the mail-in bonus, you can get free sweepstakes coins by sending a handwritten mail or a postcard to the casino’s address. You can take advantage of the mail-in bonus as many times as you want.
  • You can get a lot of gold coins and sweepstakes coins through various social media promotions. A lot of sweepstakes casinos or bingo sites are active on social media platforms, so make sure to drop them a follow and keep your eyes peeled for the next giveaway.

In addition to all the bonuses and promotions, bingo sites and sweeps casinos often have bingo-specific bonuses, allowing you to grab rewards, like on Rush Games. On top of that, you can even get thousands of coins by participating in various races and tournaments.

Understanding the Rules and Regulations of Bingo Games

Bingo is fairly simple to play, which is one of many reasons why the game is as popular as it is. Even though there are several variants out there, the core of the game is the same, so you shouldn’t have any difficulties switching from one variant to another.

The most popular types of bingo games are

  • 30 Ball Bingo
  • 75 Ball Bingo
  • 80 Ball Bingo
  • 90 Ball Bingo

Each of these game types is played with a different number of balls, which affects the pace of the game. At the same time, the number of balls also affects the grid layout and the requirements to win.

For example, the first winner at the 75-ball bingo must have a full row of numbers checked — you can check the numbers horizontally, vertically, and even diagonally. On the other hand, games like 80-ball and 90-ball bingo might come with unique patterns on the cards, adding a little bit of variety and thrill to each game.

Most of these types of bingo games are quite straightforward. However, keep an eye out for bingo games that come with a major twist, such as the Bingo Jungle, for example. Games like these usually have a unique set of rules, so make sure to read the rules or open the paytable to check the details before you start playing.

Free Bingo Games Online

With so many options, you might be wondering, what’s the best online bingo game out there? Truth be told, there is none since it mostly boils down to personal preference and whether you’re looking for a traditional game or a fun experience.

However, our team of experts did curate a small list with some of their favorites you might want to try.

Route 66

Route 66 is a 30-ball bingo game variant. It has a 3×3 grid layout, and the first column contains numbers 1 to 10, the second one is numbers 11 to 20, and the third column has numbers from 21 to 30. To win at Route 66, you’ll have to complete a full house, which means you’ll have to daub all the winning numbers on your ticket.

Route 66 is available at Pulsz Bingo. The game does not have a progressive jackpot, and the minimum required for an entry is 1 Gold Coin per ticket.

Double Pattern

Bingoport is famous for its double-pattern games and offers dozens of rooms where you can play bingo. Each game has a different entry fee, and the reward depends on the total number of players playing the game. There are various ways to win, and every game can have multiple winners, depending on who lands the pattern first.

Online Bingo Game

Each entry will get you 3 bingo tickets. Keep in mind that most of the Double Pattern games have manual daubing, so make sure to familiarize yourself with the patterns so you can call out bingo the moment you land a winning one.

Golden Gate Bingo

Golden Gate Bingo is one of the most popular bingo variants. It is a 75-ball bingo game that features 25 squares, five rows, and five columns. Every square is numbered with Golden Gate Bingo, except the center ones, which are often called the free square.

You’ll have five chances to win Golden Gate Bingo and to do that, you’ll have to match the numbers in any custom shape. The best feature about the Golden Gate Bingo is that you can win a progressive jackpot by getting a Cover All, a Shamrock, or a different pattern — the winning pattern is always displayed in-game.

Golden Gate Bingo is available 24/7 at Pulsz Bingo, and the minimum entry is 1 Gold Coin per ticket.

How Do We Select Bingo Sites?

Before any bingo site or a sweepstakes casino makes it on our list, it is tried and tested by our team of casino experts. With that in mind, here are some of the requirements each site has to fulfill before it gets our stamp of approval.

Security and Trustworthiness

Player safety is our number one priority. Because of that, we only recommend bingo sites we would like to play in. To get on our recommended list, a site has to be secure, legitimate, and have an excellent reputation in the community.

Welcome Bonus and Promotions

Bonuses can make or break a bingo site or a sweepstakes casino. After all, if you continuously out of coins and there are not enough fun ways to refill your balance, you’re simply stuck without being able to play. That’s why we focus on bingo sites that make sure your account is always flush with coins.

Games Library

When it comes to a game library, we follow a simple rule of thumb: the more, the merrier. Of course, we also focus on the quality of the games, how rewarding they are, and how often you can participate in tournaments.

User Experience

The last thing on our list is the overall user experience. We give bonus rating points to sites that are well-built and optimized to run on all kinds of devices. We also take into consideration various services.

For example, how easy it is to register or verify your account, how fast you can withdraw your winnings, whether the site has responsible gambling practices in place, how efficient the customer support is, and much more.

Are Online Bingo Games Scams?

A lot of players believe some bingo sites are scams since playing for free while also having the opportunity to win real cash seems too good to be true. But, believe it or not, it really is as good as it sounds.

Of course, while you may always encounter some site that actually is a scam, all the sites that we review and recommend are licensed and legitimate. In other words, whether you prefer Pulsz Bingo, Bingo Port, or Golden Hearts Games, one thing’s for certain — you’ll be in good hands.

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Bingo Casinos Online Compared

🎰Platform🎁No Deposit Bonus🎱Bingo Games❌Restricted States⭐Best Features
Pulsz Bingo5,000 GC + 2 SC6Washington, Nevada, Idaho, MichiganTop Spot for Bingo Prizes, VIP Program, Daily Free Bingo Tickets
Bingoport1,500 Port Points12+NoneMany Bingo Games and Tournaments, 24/7 Customer Support, Mobile-Friendly
Ding Ding Ding100,000 GC + 5 SC1Washington, Idaho, Nevada, IllinoisGreat No Deposit Bonus, Lots of Promotions, Bespoke Titles
Golden Herats Games$5 No Deposit3NoneBespoke Titles, Classic Bingo Games, Widely Accessible


  • Is there online bingo that pays real money?
    There are several bingo sites that pay real money. Bingo sweepstakes sites like Pulsz Bingo and Bingport allow you to win real cash prizes without having to make a single deposit.
  • What is the best online bingo site?
    Bingoport and Pulsz Bingo are some of the best online bingo sites around. Pulsz Bingo has several unique titles, while Bingoport offers dozens of games and many bingo tournaments with fantastic prizes.
  • Is there a way to win online bingo?
    There are multiple ways to win online bingo, which mostly depends on the type of game you're playing. Each bingo game has a specific pattern you have to mark before you can call out bingo and collect your winnings.
  • Where to play the best online bingo for real money?
    Even though there are plenty of sites where you can play online bingo for real money, we recommend you give bingo sweepstakes sites a go — they are legal in many more states than traditional online bingo games and they allow you to win real money without spending a penny.

Jon, our resident sweepstakes expert with over two decades of experience in online slots and a masterful understanding of sweepstakes casinos and games. With intricate knowledge of slots, Jon swiftly deciphers RTP and ensures fairness in the unmonitored sweepstakes space. Whether you’re seeking guidance on sweepstakes slots, casinos, or games, Jon is your trusted source for maximizing your gaming experience, offering insights into the nuances that make this style of social gaming popular.

Get up to 90,000 Gold Coins + 9.8 SC FREE