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Bingo Blitz Free Play

Bingo Blitz is an online bingo game that allows people from across the globe to connect. The gameplay is similar to regular bingo, where you need to match numbers in rows or columns to create winning patterns in each round.

What makes this online game more exciting is that participants can begin without making a deposit as Bingo Blitz works like a sweepstake site. Yet, there’s an option to purchase packs or boosters with coins from the in-game shop.

Additionally, purchasing items from the store boosts the player’s account with free credits similarly to purchasing gold coin packages would bring bonus sweeps coins. With that in mind, let’s see what Bingo Blitz is all about – how to join and play, claim bonuses, win real money, and more.

What Is Bingo Blitz?

As the name suggests, Bingo Blitz is a bingo game where players have to select numbers on their bingo cards in specific manners to get a winning combination. As a fast-paced and entirely fun online game, players get a chance to experience the thrill of bingo without actually having to travel to a land-based destination and sit for hours on uncomfortable chairs with strangers.

The happy-go-lucky cat is there to take you on that journey and help you along the way, especially if you don’t have previous experience with playing bingo. Alongside Blitzy the Cat, you can expect a high-quality interface and top-notch software as Playtika stands behind the game. Its initial 2012 release brought about many fans, and as the game developed, so did its fan base. Now, players can access the game via the official site as well as its Facebook page. If you want to go all the way ’til the end, expect up to 15 rounds of bingo to pass until someone claims BINGO.

How to Play Bingo Blitz?

The gameplay begins with each player receiving one or more Bingo cards that have 25 numbers grouped under the rows of B, I, N, G, and O. For a better understanding, the table below shows the numbers that fall within each row.

B1 - 15
I16 - 30
N31 - 45
G46 - 60
O61 - 75

In the background, a caller calls out a random number (if on mute, the numbers will have a star shape orbiting above them), and contestants will mark the numbers that appear on their cards. There are two ways that involve 13 different combinations to win when playing this game. One of them involves laying 5 of your cards in a row across the board, either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. The other winning strategy is strategically positioning your cards at the four corners of the board.

Once a player matches five numbers in a row, they will click on a button that has the word “Bingo” on it, and the caller will check their card for confirmation. To make gameplay more interesting, there are different sections and modes in Bingo Blitz. Even individuals can team up to go on adventures and explore different cities in a virtual world.

Are There Free Credits for the Bingo Blitz Game?

Credits are in-game currencies players can either spend directly or convert to coins to purchase boosters from the game store. These power-ups grant players better chances of winning by improving their options. For example, the single daub feature allows a player to add a free space in a random row on their card. The player can then add a number the caller calls out to that empty space and win games.

50 Credits To Play Bingo

Contestants normally have to win games and level up to get coins or unlock treasure chests. However, free credits are bonus-like rewards that enable players to get them for free without having to meet the eligibility requirements. Despite being easier to obtain, individuals can still utilize these incentives, like standard credits, to obtain power-ups.

How to Claim Bingo Blitz Free Credits

The medium of claiming free credits depends on the means through which you get the bonus. Below are the ways to claim your Bingo Blitz reward:

  • Gift Center: This method applies when users get free credits from a friend. Click on the gift box icon on the screen, and it will unveil a section of the game. In this section, players will see all their friends who have given them free credits. Click on “Claim” to activate each one or “Claim All” to collect all of them at once.
  • In-Game Rewards: For in-game rewards like completing free rounds or mini-quests, simply tap on the item to collect it. After clicking on the item, it will be automatically delivered to the player’s wallet. Players should not click on the “skip” button, as they risk losing the reward.

Where to Get Bingo Blitz Free Credits

Bingo Blitz Free Credits

There are several ways to get Bingo Blitz free credits to get boosters and increase your winning chances. Some of these mediums include the following:

  • Bingo Blitz Facebook Page: The game shares numerous ways to get free credits on its Facebook page. Bingo Blitz’s social media account has a discussion section where it notifies users of upcoming promotions that they can benefit from. Interested players can follow the page and turn on notifications to get the latest updates.
  • Gift From Friends: As mentioned earlier, Bingo Blitz is a social game where people get to interact and make friends. Similarly, users can request credits from each other. The first step is to add other players to your friend list by sending them a request. After they accept your request, navigate to the friend section of the website, select a friend, and ask for free credits.

Bingo Blitz Bonuses & Promotions

There are numerous ways for players to get free credits. Some of them include those outlined below:

  • Daily Bonuses: Players can earn free credits when they login to their account daily. On the first day, a player will receive 8 free credits. The reward increases as users maintain their daily streaks.
  • Daily Spins: This is a wheel that players can spin to earn random prizes. If a user is lucky, they can receive a free credit for that day. It is reset each day to give players a new chance.
  • Bonus Bingo Rooms, Quests, and Maps: These sections of the game offer more than the regular rewards to players. However, individuals have to reach certain levels to unlock them.
  • Daily Freebies in the Gift Store: Players can learn about bonuses in the game store from the game’s Facebook page. These are often limited offers that expire after a certain duration.
  • Mini Games: Unlike other freebies, this does not directly involve playing Bingo Blitz. Instead, players will play a side or mini-game and earn rewards.
  • Playing More Bingo Rounds: While this may not be a direct bonus, it is a great way to earn more credits. The standard Bingo Blitz ends after each round, where a player gets the winning combinations. Instead of stopping after one round, contestants can complete multiple sessions to get more rewards.
  • First Purchase Bonus: Bingo Blitz gives new players a massive discount when they items from the store for the first time. Take a look at the image below for more details:

Bingo Blitz Store

How to Join Bingo Blitz?

It is very simple to register a Bingo Blitz account and start playing the game, as there are three ways to create an account. This includes connecting your Facebook profile, signing up with your email or phone number, or connecting your Apple account to the game.

With the Facebook or Apple option, you only need to grant the game permission to use your details. This includes logging on to your Facebook profile or Apple account and giving the platform permission.

Join Bingo Blitz

For the email or phone number option, follow these steps:

  • Visit the Bingo Blitz website or install the mobile app.
  • Click on the button that has the “Play Now” inscription.
  • On the next page, click the green button with “Play Now” that has a cheetah on it.
  • Enter your email address or phone number and preferred password.
  • Verify your email address or phone number.
  • Log in to your account and begin playing.

Are Bingo Blitz Free Credits Worth It?

Bingo Blitz free credits are definitely worth it for several reasons. One of them is that they are very easy to obtain, and players do not have to move mountains to get these freebies. In addition, the boosters contestants obtain with free credits can help turn the tides in their favor.

Using the double daub as an example, it gives a user double free spaces to add a number of their choice. This is very helpful if the player needs one more number to complete their winning combination, but the caller has not mentioned it. Instead of waiting, they can insert the number into that empty space and win the game.

Can You Win Real Money With Bingo Blitz?

No, you cannot win real money from playing Bingo Blitz. It is a free game that does not involve any form of financial commitment.

Pros & Cons of Claiming Bingo Blitz Free Credits

Gameplay simple to masterNo real money wins
Free credits available every day
Fun and completely free to play
Available on both desktop and mobile


  • Where can I get free Bingo Blitz credits?
    There are several ways to get free credits within the game. Players can learn about these bonuses and promotions from the Bingo Blitz Facebook page.
  • How do you get free gems on Bingo Blitz?
    Players who complete daily questions, are active members of the Bingo Blitz Community, or engage in seasonal events will receive free gems.
  • Is Bingo Blitz totally free?
    Yes, Bingo Blitz is totally free, and players are not required to pay money to play the game. However, players can purchase in-game boosters from the shop if they choose to do so.
  • Do you win anything with Bingo Blitz?
    Players can win credits, experience points, coins, and credits while playing Bingo Blitz. These digital items can be used to purchase boosters that can be used in subsequent games, but there’s no option to win real money prizes.
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