Daily Login Bonus Casinos

Written by: Ross Timmins
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Updated: March 18, 2024

Online Casinos With Daily Bonus

Daily login bonuses are a fantastic way to enjoy your favorite casino games every single day. Not only that, but a daily login bonus casino lets you claim bonus rewards by logging in, allowing you to build up your bankroll and enjoy casino games whenever you feel like it.

But what exactly are daily login bonuses, and how do they work?

To help you get started, we’ve created a guide that’ll tell you everything you need to know about daily login bonus offers — we’ll also show you how to claim them, and we included a list of the daily login bonus casino sites and bonuses you can pick up right now.

What Are Daily Login Bonuses?

A daily login bonus is the type of bonus that allows you to claim rewards every day without having to make a deposit.

To claim a daily login bonus, all you have to do is create a casino account and then simply log in every 24 hours to claim your rewards.

In some cases, you won’t even have to log in daily since some sweepstake casinos automatically credit your daily login bonus rewards to your account whenever the new daily login bonus is available.

Every daily login bonus casino rewards players with gold coins and sweepstakes coins, and the amount and the type of rewards you’ll get with a daily login bonus varies from one sweepstake casino to another. Even social casino sites, like PENN Play, that do not offer real-money rewards offer daily login bonuses that allow you to prolong your play.

The most important part to remember is that some sweepstakes casinos have additional rewards for the most dedicated players — the more consecutive days you log in, the better the rewards.

Daily Login Bonuses in Sweepstakes Casinos

Unlock 57,500 GC + 27.5 FREE SC
1.5M WOW Coins + 35 Free Sweeps Coins
5 Sweeps Coins, 250 Game Coins, and 600 Diamonds
367,000 GC + 32.3 Free SC
630,000 Free Coins + $14 Fortune Coins No Deposit Bonus
10,000 GC & 1 Free Stake Cash on Sign-Up

In today’s time, virtually every top-of-the-line sweepstake casino offers some sort of a daily login bonus.

With so many different bonuses to choose from, you might end up feeling swamped and miss out on some fantastic deals, which is why we’re here to help — we’ve provided you with a list of the trustworthy and legal daily login bonus casino sites and their offers.

🎰Casino🎁Daily Login Bonus✍️Sign-Up Bonus🌐Join Link
WOW Vegas5,000 WC + 1 SC8,500 WC + 4.5 SCPlay Now!
Fortune Coins30,000 GC + 100 FC360,000 GC + 1,200 FCPlay Now!
Stake.us10,000 GC + 1 SC10,000 GC + 1 SCPlay Now!
Pulsz1 SC5,000 GC + 2.3 GCPlay Now!
High 5 Casino1 SC daily + Diamonds every 4h250 GC + 5 SC + 600 DiamondsPlay Now!
McLuck Casino2,500 GC + 1 SC7,500 GC + 2.5 SCPlay Now!
Sweeptastic1,000 LC27,777 LC + 2 SCPlay Now!
BetRivers.net20 VC every 4 hours250 VCPlay Now!
FunrizeUp to 225,000 TRN + 500 PE125,000 TRNPlay Now!
TaoFortuneUp to 250,000 TC + 500 SC88,800 TCPlay Now!
Rush Games20 VC every 4 hours250 VCPlay Now!
SweepSlots500 GC + 1 SC10,000 GC + 1 SCPlay Now!
Ding Ding DingPersonalized SC bonus500,000 GC + 5 SCPlay Now!
Chumba Casino200,000 GC + 1 SC2,000,000 GC + 2 SCPlay Now!
Lucky Land Slots0.3-1 SC7,777 GC + 10 SCPlay Now!

Top 7 Daily Login Sweepstakes Bonuses

Unlock 57,500 GC + 27.5 FREE SC
1.5M WOW Coins + 35 Free Sweeps Coins
5 Sweeps Coins, 250 Game Coins, and 600 Diamonds
367,000 GC + 32.3 Free SC
630,000 Free Coins + $14 Fortune Coins No Deposit Bonus
10,000 GC & 1 Free Stake Cash on Sign-Up

Still having trouble deciding?

Don’t worry — to make sure you only get the best deals, we’ve singled out the top rated daily login casino sites and sweepstakes bonuses you can claim right now and start building up your bankroll.


Stake.us Daily Bonus

Stake.us is a well-known and reputable sweepstake casino that offers a daily login bonus of 10,000 Gold Coins and 1 Sweepstakes Coin.

All you have to do to claim the bonus is register, verify your account, and then simply navigate to the casino’s promotion section before you can claim your welcome bonus.

On top of that, Stake.us also offers a sign-up bonus, which is identical to the daily login bonus — you will receive 10,000 Gold Coins and 1 Sweepstake Coin for simply registering.

10,000 GC & 1 Free Stake Cash on Sign-Up

WOW Vegas

WOW Vegas Daily Bonus

WOW Vegas needs little to no introduction, being a daily login bonus casino site with a ton of super rewarding bonuses and promotions.

When you sign up at WOW Vegas, you will receive 8,500 WOW Coins and 4.5 Sweepstake Coins.

After that, simply drop by WOW Vegas every new day, and you’ll be able to claim the daily login bonus worth 5,000 WOW Coins and 1 Sweepstake Coin.

1.5M WOW Coins + 35 Free Sweeps Coins


Funrize Daily Spin The Wheel

Funrize is a go-to choice for players who enjoy a cozy environment and a variety of popular fish games.

Instead of a traditional daily login bonus, Funrize lets you spin the wheel for a chance to win up to 225,000 TRN and up to 500 PE — you can think of tournament coins (TRN) like your standard gold coins, while Promotional Entries (PE) work like sweepstakes coins.

In addition to the daily login bonus, Funrize also includes a sign-up bonus. The easiest way to claim the welcome bonus is to click on our link, which automatically applies our exclusive coupon code, netting you a whooping 125,000 TRN.

McLuck Casino

McLuck Daily Bonus

McLuck Casino is a daily login bonus casino site with a fantastic bonus that will net you 2,500 Gold Coins and 1 Sweepstake Coin every single day.

As is the case with all other daily login online casino bonuses, all you have to do to claim the daily login bonus is to register and verify your account, and you’re good to go!

In addition, McLuck Casino also comes with a great welcome offer, allowing you to add 7,500 Gold Coins and 2.5 Sweepstakes Coins by creating an account and claiming the welcome bonus.

Unlock 57,500 GC + 27.5 FREE SC

Fortune Coins

Fortune Coins Daily Bonus

Fortune Coins is a premier daily login bonus casino with tons of promotions and more than 170 games from a variety of top-of-the-line software providers.

The casino offers a daily login bonus of 30,000 Gold Coins and 100 Fortune Coins through a simple 24-hour login. If you use our link to sign up, you will also receive a sign-up bonus worth 360,000 Gold Coins and 1,200 Fortune Coins.

630,000 Free Coins + $14 Fortune Coins No Deposit Bonus


Sweeptastic Daily Bonus

In case you’re looking for a casual and social casino experience, then Sweeptastic is definitely the way to go. However, unlike most online casinos on our list, Sweeptastic is the only daily login bonus casino that doesn’t offer sweepstake coins as daily prizes. So, how come it is on our list, you wonder?

Well, it’s rather simple — Sweeptastic is the only sweepstakes casino on our list with automatic rewards. Instead of having to log in, the casino will automatically credit 1,000 LC every 24 hours to your casino balance, and you could use them whenever you feel like it.

On top of that, Sweeptastic also has a fantastic welcome offer, and if you use our link to sign up, you will get a bonus balance of 27,777 LC and 2 Sweeps Coins after registering.


TaoFortune Daily Magic Box

TaoFortune has a different approach than most daily login bonus casinos — instead of a traditional daily bonus, TaoFortune lets you open a Magic Box each day.

The bonus amount and the rewards you can get vary, but if you’re lucky, you can win up to 250,000 TC and up to 500 SC, which is a ton of bonus money.

In addition to a number of other promotions, TaoFortune also has a sign-up bonus, and you can get 88,800 Tao Coins if you use our link to sign up.

How to Claim Daily Login Bonuses?

Claiming a daily login online casino bonus is as easy as it gets, and there are only a few steps you should follow.

  1. Use our link to visit the casino you want to register with.
  2. Fill in the necessary information and create an account.
  3. Verify your account by providing the required information, such as a mobile phone number, a picture of your ID, a utility bill, or anything else required by the casino.

That’s basically it!

After that, it mostly depends from one casino to another, and you can either navigate to the “Claim Now” button, click on an icon of a present box, or visit the promotions section to collect your daily bonuses.

Keep in mind that some daily login bonuses won’t be available immediately. While you can claim the sign-up bonus as soon as you register, you might have to wait 24 hours or until the reset time to pick up your daily login bonus.

Can You Win Real Money with a Daily Login Bonus?

Simply put, yes, you can win cash prizes with a daily login bonus! Most daily login bonus casino sites offer two virtual currencies that allow you to play casino-style games: gold coins and sweepstake coins.

Gold coins are a common virtual currency and are always used to play casino games exclusively for fun. In some casinos, such as WOW Vegas or Moonspin.us, gold coins are labeled as WOW Coins or Moon Coins, but regardless of their name, they serve the same purpose.

In addition to gold coins, sweepstakes casinos also include another free currency, generally known as sweepstakes coins.

Just like gold coins, sweepstakes coins are entirely free. However, they are somewhat harder to obtain — you can get them through bonuses and promotions, such as a daily login bonus or as a reward for purchasing gold coins packages.

You can use sweepstakes coins to play casino games, such as video slots, progressive jackpots, live dealer games, and many others.

So, what’s the difference between the two, you wonder? Well, it’s simple — you can redeem sweepstake coins for real cash prizes, which you cannot do with gold coins.

Since practically every daily login bonus casino site offers free gold coins and sweeps coins, it’s safe to say that a daily login bonus is basically free money.

Of course, keep in mind that you will have to accumulate a certain number of sweepstake coins before you can exchange SC for cash prizes or gift cards.

Tips & Tricks for Playing with Daily Login Bonuses

Sweepstakes casinos are a fantastic alternative to real money online casinos and a go-to choice for players where traditional online casinos are not legal.

Not only that, but a daily login bonus casino site doesn’t require you to make a minimum deposit in order to play and even offers you free coins to play with — and if you use your bonus cash correctly, you can make a nice profit by simply playing games you enjoy.

Eager to get started? Here are a few tips and tricks you can use during your gaming session.

Set a Budget

Properly managing your bankroll is one of the most important aspects when playing games in any online casino. Even though every daily login bonus casino offers a ton of bonuses and promotions, allowing you to claim a ton of bonus cash, you should still pace yourself — instead of placing a single bet and hoping for the best, you should bet in moderation, so make sure to set a budget and stick to it.

Pick the Right Games

The first thing you should do is learn the rules and strategies for the most popular casino games. Even though most of them are fairly straightforward, learning a tad more about the game may increase your chances of winning, so make sure you have at least the basics covered.

The good news is that daily login bonus casino sites have great game libraries with plenty of different games to choose from. For beginners, we recommend easy-to-play games like fish games, table games like baccarat, and online slots.

Play Online Slots with High RTP

Slots are undoubtedly the most popular type of casino game, and there are thousands of them. So, which one should you play?

A good rule of thumb is to pick a slot with a high return-to-player — we recommend slots with an RTP of 96% or higher. Of course, don’t just focus on the RTP, but rather go for slots that have plenty of bonus features, such as free spins, tumbling or avalanche wins, etc.

Pros & Cons of Daily Login Bonuses

No promo codes requiredYou will have to log in every day
Free gold coins and sweepstakes coinsNot as rewarding as welcome bonuses
Some bonuses are automatically credited to your account
No or minimal wagering requirements
Great way to build up your bankroll
You can win cash prizes by redeeming sweepstakes coins

Final Thoughts

A daily login bonus casino is a fantastic place for anyone who’s looking to play their favorite casino games without having to worry about running out of credits.

Unlock 57,500 GC + 27.5 FREE SC
1.5M WOW Coins + 35 Free Sweeps Coins
5 Sweeps Coins, 250 Game Coins, and 600 Diamonds
367,000 GC + 32.3 Free SC
630,000 Free Coins + $14 Fortune Coins No Deposit Bonus
10,000 GC & 1 Free Stake Cash on Sign-Up

After you pick a casino you like and register, all you’ll have to do is log in every day to collect your rewards — in some cases, the casino will even automatically credit bonus rewards to your account.

Almost all daily login bonuses come with no wagering requirements, which means all the sweepstake coins you get are yours to keep. You can win real cash prizes without even having to play, so long as you accumulate enough sweeps coins through daily bonuses.

Overall, daily login bonuses are fantastic in every regard, and virtually every sweepstakes casino offers some sort of a daily login bonus, so the only thing left to do is find the one you like the most and start collecting your free rewards.


  • What are the best online casinos with a daily login bonus USA?
    There are plenty of great online casino bonuses around that will net you free sweeps coins, and you can find some of the best online casino bonuses at sites like Stake.us, McLuck Casino, WOW Vegas, and many others we've included in our article.
  • Are there free daily spins login?
    Unfortunately no, there are no daily login bonuses offering free spins. However, some sweepstakes casinos always offer to spin the wheel that brings free coins, such as gold coins and sweepstakes coins, which you can use to play casino games, including slots.
  • Are there daily login bonus promo codes?

    Most sweepstakes casinos don't have bonus promo codes for daily and welcome bonus offers. However, to make the most out of your sign-up bonus, we recommend that you register using our links.

Ross, our sweepstakes expert, excels in quick assessments of sites, providing meticulously researched reviews and guiding you through acquiring free sweeps coins. As a bonus finder, Ross has claimed numerous sweepstakes bonuses and clarifies terms and conditions to save you time. With unmatched expertise in reviews, bonus finding, and testing sweepstakes casinos.

10,000 GC & 1 Free Stake Cash